Lastpass, the very well known password manager that is available across multiple platforms, has made a major and good announcement for its long-term users. It doesn’t matter if you are a free or a Premium user of Lastpass, the developer has made Multi-device access possible for free for everyone.

No matter where you need your passwords – on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone – you can rely on LastPass to sync them for you, for free. Anything you save to LastPass on one device is instantly available to you on any other device you use. The best part about Lastpass is that it is available across so many platforms that you can be worry-free about remembering passwords and can rely on this app to do the same.

How does the Multi-device access feature change affect the current users and their plans? Here’s the explanation.

  • Lastpass Free – Simply download Lastpass on any of the browsers or on your smartphone or tablet, and logging in there will give you the access to the Lastpass Vault.
  • Lastpass Premium – While you too are getting the access through multiple devices, the premium features that you are paying for will stay the same – family password sharing with up to 5 others, and additional two-factor authentication options, priority customer support, safeguard important documents with 1GB of encrypted file storage, and more.

If you are looking at Lastpass for the first time, it is a reliable service and while the Free version would do enough for normal password storing, you are going to be asked just about a dollar per month for the Premium account.

What other password managers do you know or use if not Lastpass? 1Password is another good one to try out, but Lastpass is easier to use and it automates a few things, making it a password manager to choose over the others.

Download Lastpass for Chrome browser.

LastPass: Free Password Manager
LastPass: Free Password Manager
Developer: LastPass
Price: Free

Download Lastpass for Android (Play Store).

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+


  • Pravin Patel, Nov 3, 2016 @ 6:00 pm Reply

    Happy Diwali and Saal mubarak Chetan. Hope you have completly recovered from fever.

    This is great news you have shared. I have been using LastPass on my laptop since it was launched and was seriously thinking of upgrading to premium for mobile access. This is Big Diwali gift from LastPass for me 🙂

    • Chetan Bhawani, Nov 3, 2016 @ 9:30 pm Reply

      Thanks, Pravin! 🙂 Wishing the same to you! Haha yes, the news is indeed a good one for many, who’ve been loyal users of Lastpass and wanted access through multiple devices.

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