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Rise Wallet for iOS Review

Rise Aptos Wallet for iOS & Android | The Aptos Mobile App Review

Access to the on-chain ecosystem is always the highest when there is access to it on different platforms. While the crypto market is growing at a good pace, it still has a huge number of users that have access to smartphones the entire day and rarely would get access to PCs to get the transactions done, trade, or purchase Aptos NFTs.

When Aptos launched, the first need for many users was a need for access to wallets on smartphones. That was the case with Solana as well, and Aptos now being the new home for NFTs, it was evident that users would demand the need for apps to access the Aptos dApps, marketplaces, tokens, etc. While some of the early apps are made for users to hold the Aptos coins, most of them didn’t give access to make transactions from launchpads and marketplaces. Rise Wallet is probably the first one to offer that, and I liked my initial experience with the app.

Rise Wallet is available for both, Android and iOS. I tried both versions, but the screenshots you see here would be from iPhone 12 Pro, though the features remain the same on both platforms.

The app has tabs for sections at the bottom of the screen, and those are for Wallet, NFTs, browser, activity history, and settings.

Rise Wallet for iOS home

Wallet Section

Since Rise Wallet on mobile is now available only for the mainnet, you wouldn’t have to worry about switching the network and can use the wallet for your transactions. The wallet on the front has all the tokens that your address has, not just APT but also the ones you might have purchased or participated in the IDOs, or gotten as airdrops.

Rise Wallet for iOS nft gallery

The NFT tab has all the NFTs arranged in folders based on collections, so if you are having multiple NFTs from the same collection, they go into a folder. Also, you can enable/disable receiving NFTs to your address from the top-right dropdown menu.

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Browser for transactions

This is the best part of the Rise Wallet for mobile. Opened Topaz, browsed down to the collection I was checking, and bought the NFT within a few seconds. You cannot do this on some of the other wallets, so Rise caters to that need, and your wallet isn’t only for sending or receiving tokens.

The transaction summary is pretty well detailed for you to take the decision whether to approve it or decline it while purchasing or listing an NFT on the marketplace.

Rise Wallet for iOS tabs

Activity tab

The Activity tab on the app tells you about all the transactions, including purchases and listings of NFTs, transfer of tokens, and transferring NFTs, and you wouldn’t usually need to go deeper into the explorer to see more because the summary is detailed enough, with the transaction IDs clickable to take you to the Aptos explorer page, in case you want more.


There is not much in the Settings tab, with the network changer, notification settings, and security & privacy settings. One of the important settings that you can keep in mind is the “Manage apps” section where you can revoke access to any apps that you had connected to earlier.

Rise Wallet for iOS notification

Also, under the Notifications section, you can choose to receive push notifications for when you receive tokens, send tokens, and receive and send NFTs.

Add a new wallet / Import a wallet

From the home screen of the app, swiping right from the left corner opens up the list of wallets that are present. To add or import a wallet, you can tap on the + icon, and then you can add a new wallet that the app will create for you, or import a wallet using a private key.

Final Verdict

The Rise Wallet for iOS and Android is one of the perfectly made apps, and given that Aptos is new, Rise is fully ready to welcome any new Aptos user who relies on doing stuff on a smartphone. The app is smooth and has enough security with the user able to use the device-level unlocking to it, and the extra passcode for enhanced security.

I guess I’ll have to wait for some dApps, where you can access NFT collections to purchase one from there directly, but it isn’t hard right now since the in-app browser gives the needed access to any website anyway.

  • Download Rise Wallet for Android: Link
  • Download Rise Wallet for iOS: Link

These are the official links shared from the website of Rise Wallet, please don’t search the Play Store and App Stores as fake apps are there and can drain your tokens.

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