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Gran Saga Unlimited

Aptos to launch Gran Saga: Unlimited, their first Web3 Game in collaboration with NPIXEL

The layer 1 blockchain, Aptos, is all set to launch its first Web3 game in its ecosystem, and this is being done in collaboration with NPIXEL, which is one of the largest and fastest-growing game developers in South Korea.

While Aptos has been adding builders and projects that are working to offer the best utilities in the NFT space, the core focus includes Web3 games and this game in collab with NPIXEL is the first of many games that will be launching on Aptos.

The new game will be called Gran Saga: Unlimited and will be the Web3 adaptation of the original Web2 gaming title from NPIXEL, Gran Saga. The original game had done major grossing with it being one of the highest-grossing game apps on the Apple App Store.

Gran Saga: Unlimited will be an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), and it comes as a part of the Metaverse ecosystem of NPIXEL, which they call METAPIXEL. The game will take advantage of the Web3 and blockchain technology of METAPIXEL.

Users will have the opportunity to earn in-game assets and mint gaming equipment as NFTs, which they will be able to freely trade inside a variety of NFT marketplaces built on the Aptos Network. The game will be launched for PC platforms first and will later be able to access the game via mobile smartphones.

Roadmap and early testing of the game

Testing for Gran Saga: Unlimited will begin in Q1 of 2023 ahead of the public global release in Q2. Alpha testers will be recruited via the team’s discord channel, launching soon. Several playtests will be held over the coming months to test and improve the blockchain features prior to its public launch.

The game will take enough time to develop itself by learning from the feedback given by many users who will be getting early access, and you will need to follow METAPIXEL and its updates on Twitter to get early in the community that will interact and shares their thoughts on Discord.

Within the Web3 gaming ecosystem, Aptos provides the fundamental tools for verification, security, connectivity, and creativity for game developers both within and beyond the crypto space. Since Aptos launched on mainnet just two months ago, the network has seen hundreds of thousands of users, millions of transactions, and 47M TVL.

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