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USB Type-C

List of Smartphones with USB Type C connectivity

So, you’ve heard of the Type-C USB port. But, you may not be aware of its true potential. This upgrade from microUSB 2.0 port is

Qi Wireless Charger

List of Qi compatible wireless chargers for smartphones

Buying a Qi compatible wireless charging equipped smartphone isn’t that hard these days, but when it comes to buying a Qi-compatible charger, things get confusing.


List of smartphones that have Quick Charging capability

The modern smartphones were facing two issues, the longer inside battery takes to recharge, and the always (mostly) unsatisfied battery life they deliver. To offer

Samsung Galaxy Note5

List of smartphones with Qi Wireless charging capability

Despite being a wireless method of charging a smartphone, the Qi Wireless charging technology isn’t well received across the realm. Still, there are few smartphones