Addap’s browser uses Blockchain for safer, productive web browsing

    Addap’s is trying to bring a new experience of web browsing by using Blockchain as the base, and by taking its advantage, the browser from Addap’s is transforming the web browsing into a full-fledged working space. A dynamic multi-browsing technology, Addap’s browser helps in faster, safer, and smarter browsing of the web.

    Calling itself an online environment of multiple tabs, Addap’s says that each tab here has its own space and there is a scrollable board where you can have multiple windows, and there is so much flexibility on what you can do with each of the windows – move, resize, pin, bookmark and more. Every window on the board has its own set of elements with specific designs and metadata based on how the app needs it.

    Addap’s is a result of over three years of dedicated efforts by Adi Sossover and Daniel Febrero Martin who co-founded the Addap’s browser. How the browser works is by creating multiple workspaces and with each tab, the user gets unlimited scrollable space in which they can place as many windows as they wish. Each time the user opens a new window, a new unique session is created for him and each of the windows in the workspace can be moved or resized to requirement.

    The key intention that motivated the co-founders to create this browser was to change the way a user interacts with the browser. To further customize the experience, the browser has been designed in a way that each window has its own specific design based on the meta-data for each app.

    Addaps Multi Board

    Once you create a board with the required windows in it, you can also save it to your library and use them again. When you load a board from the library, a single click would bring back all the windows to the exact state and position that they were stored in.

    One of the biggest issue with the tech industry right now is with privacy and security, Addap’s web browser uses a secured login that shields the access to your private data from rest of the world. Once you create your account with Addap’s, a key gets generated for your specific account and that is used to access his personal online environments, also called as boards. These keys can also be stored on external devices if you wish, thereby enabling you to easily switch through devices without having to worry about your security.

    Safety of your web navigation using Blockchain

    Addaps Security

    • The ultimate protection to access your personalized navigation platform
    • Your digital identity saved on blockchain is provided only to services of your choice
    • The multi-web objects you copy, save and share are executed on blockchain

    Your identity on the platform is stored over blockchain and is provided only to the services of your choice when you accept the request. The company also plans to have their own Domain name system services which will let you rent domains in a decentralized way and promote your boards on them through a dedicated URL only accessible on the Addap’s web browser.

    Too hard to understand? Here’s what defines Addap’s and its best features.

    • Tools – The browser possesses flexible tools that allow the users to obtain a multi-web board environment in a matter of few seconds
    • Learns from the user – The team says that the browser is made in a way to adapt to your usage and web navigation habits and you don’t have to change your habits to adjust to it
    • Creativity – The flexibility of the browser is such that the user can be creative and optimize the boards to make them look as they wish
    • Productivity – The features like multiple screening, 360-degree web search, and others help in making your productivity better
    • Shared Experience – Since the browser lets you interact with others, it helps in learning and improving the browsing experience

    Cross-platform availability of Addap’s

    One of the ways Addap’s is trying to be available to the users is by making the browser available for almost all the major platforms, both for desktops as well as for the smartphones.

    You can head to to download the browser for either Windows, Mac, or Linux for your PC, or head to the Play Store for Android, and there’s even an iOS app available on the iTunes App Store.


    [appbox googleplay com.addaps.addaps]

    Note: This is not a sponsored review. It is the analysis of the browser and concept after usage by one of our editors.

    Sanath Swaroop
    Sanath Swaroop
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