How to add Aptos Mainnet Custom RPC on Aptos wallets


Aptos, the much-anticipated Layer 1 blockchain has made an entry into the mainnet and is now officially live though we haven’t heard much about the tokenomics or when the tokens would be available for trade, but you can already add the custom RPC network on your Aptos wallets if you want just to have a feel of being on the main Aptos network.

On the current wallets based on Aptos, you might see the options to switch between Devnet and Testnet, and if you want to add the mainnet RPC, you can do that by going to Settings on the wallet. If you are using an Aptos wallet, you will have to go to the switcher of the network where you will have to choose the option to add a custom node or custom network.

Name: Mainnet

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This should usually work with most of the Aptos wallets. If not, comment below and we will try to help you in adding the custom RPC URL and node to the wallet.

While mentioning about the Aptos mainnet launch by saying “Aptos Autumn is here”, the Aptos team mentioned Our team has built world-class safe and scalable products and infrastructure used by billions of people with decades of experience operating millions of machines. We will continue to combine this knowledge with the ability to quickly integrate new innovations such as novel key recovery, scalable sharding solutions, and intuitive parallel programming models to scale the user experience to the billions of people that will use web3.

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