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How to add DogeChain Network to MetaMask (via DogeChain Bridge)

Dogechain mainnet is here and if you know how the shitcoins and tokens work in other chains already, especially in ETH and BSC chains, you would love to try out some of the pumps on the new Dogechain that has become a hot marketplace already for multiple shitcoins to see market cap going to millions in a matter of few hours.

If you want to enter the Dogechain and trade shitcoins, NFTs, and even GameFi, follow the instructions to add Dogechain to your MetaMask wallet. Remember that you won’t CANNOT transfer the DOGECOIN tokens directly to your MetaMask address, and there will be an address given on the Bridge website where you can transfer the needed Doge tokens to trade on the different Dex platforms.

Add Dogechain to MetaMask

For that, the first step that you need to do is to open the Dogechain Bridge website:

On this page, you will have the option to connect your wallet. Click on that and you will be asked which wallet you want to use for adding the bridge DogeChain network. Select MetaMask and you will get a popup on your MetaMask wallet for the first step, where you would be asked to connect the site and then, the main information of the addition of DogeChain bridge will be shown.

Dogechain Bridge Portal

Dogechain Bridge Connect Wallet

Here are the details to add manually in case you don’t find the option for the same.

Network Name: DogeChain
Network URL:
Chain ID: 2000

Dogechain Portal Wallet Metamask

DogeChain RPC details Add

Though you can always manually add the Dogechain, the next step is the most important one if you want to send Doge tokens to your MetaMask wallet. It does not work like other tokens where you send the tokens directly to your MetaMask address. On the same bridge website as above, the option in the bottom that shows “DOGE Deposit Address” is what you need to go to and click on “Connect Wallet” to reveal the address to send Dogecoin to. If you mistakenly send Dogecoins to your MetaMask address, they will be lost because this is a bridge through which the tokens will end up on your address itself but you will have to send the tokens first to the Doge Deposit Address that will be revealed on the bridge website.

Note: The Dogecoin tokens that you send from other wallets or from some exchange will be converted to wDOGE, which is the wrapped DOGE, and these are the only tokens you would be using for buying any coins or NFTs on this network, so you don’t have to do anything else after you transfer Doge to the Doge Deposit address.

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Some of the important points to remember while doing these things include the following:

  • Depositing any other asset other than $DOGE to the Dogecoin address will result in a loss of funds. Never deposit any other asset than $DOGE through the bridge.
  • Deposits require 6 block confirmations of Dogecoin chain to be considered valid.
  • Once the platform’s wallet has received your funds, the smart contract will mint the corresponding number of $wDOGE and send them to your Dogechain address.
  • Ensure you are depositing at least 100.0 $DOGE to the bridge. A smaller amount will result in the smart contract not triggering the minting process and failing to send you the required $wDOGE.

Once you have doge tokens ready on your MetaMask wallet, check out how to buy tokens on DogeChain network.

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