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Buy Shitcoins on DogeChain

How to buy DogeChain based Shitcoins / Tokens on DogeSwap DEX

Shitcoins in DogeChain have already started pumping, some of them hitting more than a million USD of market cap, some with proper plan and roadmap, some locking their liquidity, and some involving and interacting with their community in every step, but the shitcoin and token game in Dogechain is already happening at a good pace and we expect this to go much higher as this is just a start.

Buying a shitcoin on DogeChain could be a little confusing for the newcomers or those traders who don’t have knowledge of how networks work and how you can make transactions while buying these newly launched tokens, how liquidity works, what slippage to set, and what does tax mean, will be able to learn here how to buy the famous shitcoins on DogeChain network.

First step for buying DogeChain based shitcoin is to set MetaMask with DogeChain network.

Once you have the MetaMask address ready, you can send Dogecoin to that address through the guide shared here.

Now, the first thing is the DEX (decentralized exchange) that works as the market for the shitcoins and new tokens to be sold in exchange for wDOGE, i.e. the wrapped doge. There are quite a few DEX markets where these tokens are available for people to invest in, and one of the most popular ones in them is DogeSwap, which can be accessed from here.

If you have used any DEX earlier, DogeSwap won’t be anything different and it will be the same process with which you can buy the tokens in exchange for wDOGE tokens that you sent to your MetaMask address. The rather more important thing here would be the token contract address that you would need to purchase those particular tokens.

How to find the best shitcoins on DogeChain network

The best and most reliable place to see how each newly released token is doing is DexScreener. That’s where almost every token on every network is shown, with the market charts, the token contract address, and much more. You can go to the DogeChain section on Dexscreener to check out all the shitcoin tokens that are presently available on DogeSwap and also on other DEX platforms that support DogeChain.

Dexscreener DogeChain

Visit Dexscreener DogeChain page.

On this page, you can check out how the performance of each token, and the growth in the past 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 24 hours. Also, the liquidity and FDV will give you an idea of how much trading has been done and what is the liquidity growth to give you an idea of how many users have aped in already.

On the individual token page, on the right side, you would see all the information about the token in terms of numbers.

DogeChain token performance stats

Now, if you liked how good the token is and you want to purchase that particular shitcoin, go towards the bottom right where you will find the Pair and Token Name and an option to copy.

Copy DogeChain Shitcoin Contract address

You will have to use this contract address that is copied from there and go to DogeSwap and in the Swap section in the “To” section, paste the address and it will show the token name. You can add the token and then enter the number of wDOGE you wanted to invest to buy these particular tokens.

Add Token by Contract Address

As soon as you enter the number of wDOGE you are spending, you will see the number of tokens you would get and it would also show in the bottom how many minimum tokens you are going to receive. Click on Swap and it would open the MetaMask popup to show you the fee and you can confirm the same to buy the tokens.

DogeChain buy token

Slippage Tolerance Error:

There is an error that many users would get while trying to swap the tokens, and it does confuse you on what went wrong. Here is the error you would see:

The transaction cannot succeed due to error: missing revert data in call exception; Transaction reverted without a reason string. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.

The reason for that is low slippage tolerance. You will just have to increase the tolerance by clicking on the wrench Settings icon on the right top and set it to 20%, which is what we usually set for shitcoin purchases and recommend using so that the transaction goes through without an issue.

Slippage Tolerance

So, here is how you can purchase shitcoins and try getting some great returns on the DogeChain network. If you are facing an issue or are unable to do the transactions, do comment below and I will try to help you out.

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Comments 3
  1. Hi i am trying to sell a shit coin and i set my slippage tolerance to 20% and im still gettig the same error message everytime ” The transaction cannot succeed due to error: missing revert data in call exception; Transaction reverted without a reason string. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping. ”

    does anyone know the fix to this

  2. It seems the site is not showing token balances when a wallet is connected and this is causing a ripple in trying to make a transaction. The other issue is no other swaps are able to read the wallet balances either. This may be a read write issue with the explorer. Someone needs to get this corrected soon or this blockchain is not going to last

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