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Mythical Creatures NFTs coming into the Metaverse with Mythical Dreamland P2E Game

Mythical Creatures is a new hot NFT concept that is going to land into the metaverse through a Play-to-earn game that is going to launch soon. A project started by a couple of known faces on the Internet has a well-known 2D designer who has worked for NFT projects in the past as well.

The Mythical Creatures project is founded and run by Tyler, Nick, and Chris, all of whom are actively present on social media and they have been working first-hand on the limited community they have built for Mythical Creatures, and by the limited community, we mean the limited number of users as the Discord server is locked and the founders don’t want to fill up the server with invited bots or inactive users, and quality is given a preference over quantity.

Mythical Creatures Phoenix

A few sneak peeks of the Mythical Creatures NFT have been shared already on the server and on Twitter as well. These are 2D arts with the looks of what the name means – mythical. With a total supply of 7777 NFTs, the Mythical Creatures are designed by Ed Dinzole, an illustrator/animator who specializes in using Toon Boom Harmony, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects to create 2D animations and illustrations for a wide variety of purposes. His work has appeared on Adult Swim, TNT, Fox, on apparel and in large cutouts, in music videos and commercials, as well as a long list of other online promotional campaigns.

What’s interesting to learn is that these won’t be only NFTs but there will be an upcoming game that will incorporate the use of these NFTs and the owners will have the advantages of owning the NFTs in the future as well.


Now since the Discord server is closed, you can get an idea of how things are in terms of people getting whitelisted – not by those Invite contests or the level-up contests that happen regularly. Here, the admins are actively involved in keeping people busy while having fun as well, earning those Allowlist spots that are designated for Whitelisted users.

There are games, art contests, and other activities that happen on daily basis, and winners are given the whitelist spots, if you want to get involved here to earn a spot to mint the NFT for yourself before the public does, keep an eye on the social media channels of Mythical Creatures where they open up some Discord invites to allow for users to enter the server.

While we know the number of NFTs in the collection, at the time of writing, we don’t have the information on the mint date and price, so the information will be made available whenever it is shared with us.

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