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Aptos Connect

Aptos Connect helps users create an Aptos account without any app

Aptos Labs has introduced Aptos Connect, a web-based, cross-platform, self-custodial wallet offering keyless, secure access for the ultimate user experience. When we talk about Web3 onboarding, one of the hiccups is for platforms and apps to get users to download apps and make them create accounts with several steps, and that’s what Aptos Connect is solving here.

Aptos Connect with Keyless is the Aptos account manager that connects you to your favorite apps with no downloads required. You create your account and log in using the most common Web2 login solution, a Google account.

Aptos Connect

Features of Aptos Connect

  • 1-click account creation via familiar Web2 logins
  • No private keys or mnemonics to remember
  • No wallet apps or extensions are required
  • Easy access to assets: You can see all your Aptos tokens, NFTs, and transaction history in a single interface.
  • Security: The Aptos Connect is as safe as your Google account because that’s the route you use to login

How is Aptos Connect different from wallets with private keys?

Aptos Connect accounts are created using the Aptos blockchain’s Keyless feature, which allows you to create a blockchain account by signing in with your social account (e.g., Google). If you’ve used other web3 wallets, you may be familiar with the concept of a private key that you need to write down. Aptos Connect with Keyless is the next evolution of blockchain accounts that don’t use a traditional private key. Instead, your social login is your private key. More technically, your blockchain account is cryptographically linked to your social account, meaning that while you control your blockchain account via your social login, your Aptos Connect account and your social account are never publicly linked in any way.

How do you create an Aptos Connect account?

It’s very simple. Go to and create an account with “Continue with Google,”. That will redirect you to Google Connect. Choose the email you want to sign up with and agree to the “Terms and Conditions.” That’s it, and the account is created. You don’t have to save any seed phrases or private keys.

If you want to know more about Aptos Connect, check out the FAQ.

If you want to connect your previous Aptos wallets to the Aptos Connect one, you can do that by going to “Other Accounts” and then clicking on “Add Wallet”, there would be a barcode generated, which you can scan from your Petra wallet from your mobile to connect it and use it from this same Google account.

Aptos Connect Other Wallets

Some of the prominent Aptos protocols have already integrated Aptos Connect, and you can try that out on VibrantXFinance and Kana Labs if you want to see how easy it is to log in to these protocols by having a Google account. You wouldn’t want to always use an app for the same. One of the more considerable positives of having Aptos Connect for your Aptos account is that users usually have their Google account fully secured with 2-factor authentication, and that helps here as well.

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