Move Developers Workshop & Meetup India happening on March 12th – Details

Move Developers Workshop India

The second edition of the Move Developers workshop and meetup in India is going to happen on March 12th, in Bengaluru, India. This workshop is going to be a collaborative one powered by Move Developers DAO, Martian Wallet, Kana Labs, and Chingari.

There are some sessions planned for the workshop and meetup, including the following.

  • ​​​Introduction to Move Developers DAO
  • ​​​Introduction to Martian Wallet
  • ​​​Introduction to Kana Labs
  • ​​​Introduction to Chingari Network
  • ​​​Get to know the Aptos ecosystem from ecosystem heads
  • ​Hands-on workshop for beginner developers

The goal of Move Developers DAO is to have a comprehensive approach to assisting developers to begin their journey with Move Language. The Move Developers DAO is going to formally introduce themselves and let developers know how they can help them in the journey of development, especially in Aptos.

Also in the event will be Martian wallet, one of the wallet apps that has been rolling out updates, and one of the major updates included the social integration with a Twitter account linked to the wallet.

This is an exclusive invite-only event for builders, and the event is going to be held in Bengaluru, India. We will be sharing updates from the event on Twitter and on a summary story after the event is done.

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