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Dominium Finance aims to deliver Passive Income Backed by Real Property

Dominium finance aims to provide long-term passive income through NFTs that are backed by revenue-generating assets. These legacy assets will be resilient to traditional cryptocurrency markets, as well generating consistent revenue. All members of the Dominium republic will have the opportunity to replace or supplement their income through income-generating Dominium NFT nodes. Hearkening back to passive income forerunners like, Dominium changes the game by backing up their passive income in a more tangible way.

The goal for Dominium finance is to have a policy-controlled currency system, where the DAO will control the behavior of the DOM token at a high level. The Dominium treasury will be made up of assets like Properties, Resorts, Airbnbs, Gold, other cryptocurrency projects, and more. This treasury will provide RaaS (revenue as service) and back the value of the DOM token. Dominium will provide sustainable passive income to all its NFT stakers in the form of the DOM coin at first, then in other tokens such as USDC and MATIC as their treasury begins to cash flow.

Dominium DAODominium is a decentralized global organization with partnerships in many different countries. There are two main directions the treasury will head at launch: Dominium has agreements in the works to start vacation rentals in the Netherlands with the company Layfort and the primary partner for purchasing RWA will be Centrifuge works to tokenize RWA, Dominium will purchase these assets such as real estate contracts, gold, silver, waterights, etc.

Cryptocurrency has brought a new global redistribution of wealth, but due to all crypto projects having their wealth on-chain, loyal cryptocurrency idealists protocols do not have wealth in the real world.

The best example is Olympus DAO, holding a treasury of roughly $700,000,000 composed mainly of stablecoins. What will the value of stablecoins be as time goes on? History shows us they only go down. In 10 years, it’s likely that the treasury of Olympus will have less buying power than it does today. Such has never been the case, long-term, with the property. Dominium will be the first cryptocurrency to have its value backed by RWA (Real World Assets) and will become a staple hedge coin in the cryptocurrency community, backed for stability against any market like never before. Dominium will be the only such hedged cryptocurrency and the easiest way for anyone in the world to access the passive income that comes through real property.

Dominium is currently finishing up its presale allocation of what is widely considered the fairest passive income “node” launch ever. Core team members bought in with the community at the same level. There has been no team or VC allocation of NFTs or tokens. At launch, no one will have tokens to sell, there will be no profits to take. One hour shouldn’t be late, neither should a week, or even a year. Dominium is here to stay long-term, just like property.

Dominium DAO Node NFT & Tokenomics

There will be 2 node NFTs available for whitelist participants at $500 and $20,000 respectively. These WL NFTs will only ever be sold over the first 48 hours. There will be no limit, as presale volume is being used to establish market cap at launch. These NFTs will act as nodes when staked, paying out passive income from our native $DOM token as well as RaaS. The two WL NFTs will be:

Alexander the Great. Yields ~$6.2/day of launch price $DOM
Marcus Aurelius. Yields ~$270/day of launch price $DOM

WL wallets may mint as many Alexander the Greats and Marcus Aurelius’ as they desire. Launch Price of $DOM will be figured as:

Total Presale Value / 10,000,000 = $DOM Launch price

Initial supply of $DOM will be 10,000,000. The launch price will be presale revenue divided by supply. This will allow the community and actual market to set market price, rather than us. This will create a more stable price at launch, because no one will be sitting on a 100x or even 2x bag (from presale price). We value stable passive income over a quick flip.

We will be holding a public presale of the following nodes/NFTs prior to main APP launch, priced at $100, $1000, and $10,000 respectively:

Socrates. Yields ~$1/day of launch price $DOM
Plato. Yields ~$11.5/day of launch price $DOM
Aristotle Yields ~$120/day of launch price $DOM

Important Links:

Wesbite | Documentation | Whitepaper

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