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Fury of the Fur NFT

Fury of the Fur is a story-driven game-ready NFT collection with over 1000 traits

Fury of the Fur is a 3D NFT collection that is story-driven and has a total of 9671 NFTs that are rendered in 3D with great attention to detail. When we talk about NFT projects that have a good story, or a great team of designers, or even ones with good roadmaps, and while there are many good factors in Fury of the Fur, what easily is the best is the 3D designs that have been done for each of the NFTs here.

FOTF NFTThe characters in the FOTF (Fury of the Fur) project are called FuryTeds and these 3D NFT characters have different looks with over 1000 traits.

Fury of the Fur is metaverse- and game-ready but being on the metaverse is not going to be the only goal for the project. Physical art toys, short and full-feature animated movies, brand collabs, merch, charities and more are included in the roadmap and the team says that the community will play a role in deciding the future of the project.

A silent REVOLUTION took the world, not by storm, but by a whisper – faintly heard and barely distinguishable. A revolution that united FURYTEDS in their quest to REUN!TE with their owners and RECLA!M their place in the human world WELL PAST CH!LDHOOD. However the children changed, the bears would change too. Angry, curious, artsy. Whenever in physical or psychic worlds the children went, FuryTeds were going, too, and even beyond. No human will ever outgrow his teddy bear again! No FuryTed will be left behind!

Seriously, every sneak peeks that they have on their social media or in the Discord server where we see over 30000 members, has our jaw dropped with the detail in each of them, and the ideas they have used makes you want to own at least one of these FuryTeds.

FOTF Art Toy

The team behind Fury of the Fur is a group of tech artists and software developers with a passion for creating superior digital art. With over 8 years of experience in building design tools and games used by tens of millions of users. The team includes RXR, KLAWS, Dasher, Odin, Constant, Hema, Bowie, and Bjorn.

The total supply of the FOTF NFT is 9671 and there are over 1500 traits in it. The pre-sale date is set for Feb 19th, 2022 and the pre-sale price is set for 0.05 ETH while the public mint is set for Feb 20th, 2022, and the price for mint for public is 0.07 ETH.

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