AptosMonkeys records highest 24-hour trading volume across all chains

    Aptos has been pulling investors away from its competitors during its initial run, and that is clear with how the past week has been, and even with millions of tokens being airdropped to the community, the Aptos token price has been revolving around $9 per token. While it was known that the NFT ecosystem on Aptos has been building for months alongside the network development itself, the way AptosMonkeys has amassed a huge trading volume says a lot about how things are heading away from Solana at least for now.

    AptosMonkeys with a collection of 7777 launched with a mint price of 7.77 APT and it got sold out within an hour with most of the collection being minted by the whitelisted wallets, and ever since the mint began, the AptosMonkeys NFTs have been trading so much on the launchpad partner plus marketplace Topaz, which had to go through some server upgrades and had to handle the activity that was unexpected for them.

    Within the first 24 hours from the mint, the AptosMonkeys had over 200,000 APT in trading volume on Topaz, and given the price of the APT token, that nears to $2 million, which takes this collection to the top of the charts for any NFT collection to in the past 24 hours, toppling CryptoPunks too.

    Across every chain, Aptos Monkeys had done about $1.4 million in volume, followed by Reddit Avatars that had hit $1 million, CryptoPunks that had around $643000 in trading volume. While this doesn’t define how Aptos ecosystem is doing, but a single collection on the new chain doing so good with the numbers does speak a lot about the expectation that investors have, and how Solana has got a little left out with some of the big players switching from Solana to Aptos and investing in the NFT collections over here.

    Aptos was launched as a so-called Solana killer and with Solana chain going down multiples times in a month, not only the investors but project developers too would not want to develop anything on there, and with the way Aptos works, handling transactions isn’t hard and so far, only the launchpad platforms have shown hiccups while Aptos has handled thousands of transactions easily even when AptosMonkeys were being minted.

    If you are someone interested in Aptos NFTs, you should check out the best Aptos NFT projects that can do well and we had AptosMonkeys in the top 5 in that list, and you see how well has that done so far.

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