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Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform

Qualcomm inks deal with Microsoft to help make Snapdragon 835 PCs

Qualcomm’s recent efforts of bringing their chips to different device categories is on shape with the latest announcement done by the company in partnership with Windows-OS maker Microsoft. The latest flagship platform, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 will now power the PCs.

With the introduction of this, Qualcomm says that the Snapdragon 835 platform will offer a combination of PC form factor as well as maintain the features that you see on smartphones, including light weight, on-the-go connectivity, as well as a silent operation that is a rarity on larger devices like PCs. The computers made with the new SD 835 chips will offer 50 percent more battery life than x86 systems, and also 4-5 times better standby times.

With the support offered by the LTE connectivity, the chips will take advantage of the Connected Standby capability that is offered by Windows OS for syncing data while the device is sleeping. Also, with the gigabit LTE connectivity possible on this modem, you will have the access to fast Internet without having to wait for Wi-Fi.

Qualcomm has signed a deal with Asus, HP, and Lenovo to build Windows 10 PCs. The smaller and lighter processor will make it easier for the OEMs to pack bigger batteries and thus, it would make it easy for users to carry these without having to worry about the power.

Most of the PCs and laptops have fans for the heat dissipation. With the Snapdragon 835 mobile PC platform, it would be a fanless design and Qualcomm says that the 10nm process helps in a better handling of heat and the power efficiency is comparatively better.

“The legacy computing model no longer works for today’s consumers, who don’t want heavy, tethered-to-a-power-cable laptops with a frustrating number of accessories,” said Cristiano Amon, executive vice president of Qualcomm Technologies. “With compatibility for the Windows 10 ecosystem, the Snapdragon Mobile PC Platform will enable Windows 10 hardware makers to develop next-generation device form factors and deliver unparalleled anytime, anywhere creation experiences with up to gigabit-class LTE connectivity.”

Qualcomm says the processor family will also have Qualcomm Hexagon DSP, the Kyro 280 CPU, Adreno visual processing, more efficient rendering of advanced 3D visuals, 4K HEVC 10-bit playback, and foveated video support — which also makes the hardware suitable for virtual reality applications.

“We are thrilled that OEMs are sharing our vision to bring the Windows 10 experience to the ARM ecosystem, powered by Qualcomm Technologies,” said Matt Barlow, corporate vice president of Windows Marketing, Microsoft. “This collaboration offers consumers something new and that they have been craving — the best of a mobile computing experience with the best of Windows 10, all in one thin, light, connected device.”

Source: ZDnet

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  1. Gamechanger ✌️ when can we expect these in the market! I’m sure it’ll be very expensive..

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