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Vivo V9 Camera – How good is the “16MP+5MP” and 24MP camera combination?

The Vivo V9 is a complete smartphone and just like how we mentioned earlier, there are a few good features of the Vivo v9 phone that make it a good value for the money. But, what has changed this time is not just the design and the other specs, but also the camera combination that has got much better when compared to the predecessor.

To talk about the specifics, the Vivo V9 has these cameras on the back and the front, to shoot some good pictures and videos.

  • 16MP + 5MP rear camera combination
  • 24MP front camera

For the software, to begin with, there is AI Bokeh algorithm that helps capture the picture with depth information so that you would not just be able to blur the background but also choose to have particular areas in the picture blurred in case you think that is needed later.

Vivo V9 Front Top

The artificial intelligence of the camera is extended to even the regular captures and selfies where the selfies captured using this phone’s camera are made to look more natural, though there is a certain amount of beautification kicking in. Also, given that there is a good camera on the front, it helps in the Face unlock feature as well in taking details of the face and not spending much time in recognizing and unlocking the screen of the phone.

The camera app on the Vivo V9 can be called iOS-ish from the design perspective because it matches the UI and the navigation within the camera app. There are several modes that present themselves directly to the user on the main camera app screen itself. Swiping to the left or right shows up modes like Photo, Video, AR Stickers, Face Beauty, Panorama, and Professional. While you are on the “Take Photo” mode, the top strip will let you choose between HDR and normal mode, portrait bokeh mode to blur the background when taking a portrait shot, Live photo that will capture the picture like a video with a second before and after hitting the shutter button, and it also gives you the option to use the other modes like Ultra HD, Doc mode, Slow-motion videos, and time-lapse videos.

Video Recording on the Vivo V9

It is interesting that the V9 can record videos at 4K resolution using both, the rear and front cameras. You wouldn’t really have seen 4K videos possible on the front cameras of any phone but since the chipset here is supporting that and there is a good 24MP camera on the front of the phone, both the cameras, i.e. the 16MP rear and the 24MP front camera on the device are able to take 4K videos (3840 x 2160 pixels) at 30 fps.

AR Stickers – New fun addition to the Vivo phones

These are a trend in 2018, with many big flagships offering the AR stickers that match your expressions and adding not just some stickers like those filters you see on Snapchat or Instagram stories, but a bit more than that by dedicating a character to replace the face and responding to your expressions. It is fun, and there can be pictures and videos captured for sharing.

Now, onto the actual part of the review – the captures.

Vivo V9 Camera Samples

Vivo V9 camera sample

Vivo V9 selfie

Vivo V9 selfie

Vivo V9 selfie

Full Resolution Samples

Conclusion about the cameras – Are they really better?

While given the fact that the 5MP camera on the back of the phone is only for the depth sensing, it does a very good job in taking the details and then helping in blurring the background in different levels.

For the actual captures, the color reproduction is great and for the samples that we have taken, comparing them with the real scenarios there, the photos seem to have a lot of naturality in the colors produced in them. These all shots were taken in the non-HDR mode so that there is no artificial enhancement in the colors or the exposure.

The selfies taken with the 24MP camera are really good. These captures do make you think that the Vivo V9’s 24-megapixel shooter on the front is given to give you an experience that you would like while taking selfies, group selfies, and especially, these in different conditions without worrying about where they are being taken.

The above ones were only a few samples and the link above have more samples in the full resolution if you want to be the judge and check whether the cameras on the Vivo V9 are as good as they are being praised.

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