The Honor flagships, as we’ve known, are brought in with almost everything that other flagships offer, but with a price that is much more competitive. The Honor 10, for example, is an amazing phone being offered and that price can make every competitor look not so strong with the price tags they have. Let’s talk about what makes the Honor 10 such a good phone.

You will soon be able to read the Honor 10 review but before that, in case you are wondering what are the best things about the Honor 10, keep reading.

That design beats every other phone

Honor 10 back

We begin with the obvious. A smartphone from Honor cannot be talked about if we miss out talking about the design itself. The gorgeous reflective back of the phone is made from the 15-layer 3D glass that utilizes the nano-scale optical coating and it gives that prismatic effect and that shifts between Blue and Purple (on the Blue variant) when you view it from different angles or just rotate your twist a little and different light sources fall on it.

Believe me, this has to be one of the best looking phones in the market, for any price range. This isn’t the first time Honor has worked so well on the design but the Honor 10 has a different take on the back of the phone and it changes the perspective quite a lot.

The proven good performance

Honor has been reliant, a lot of it, on its own hardware internally. That has helped the brand quite a lot because the EMUI here is so well optimized to work with the homegrown chipset, and the Kirin 970 is the current flagship chip that also powers the Huawei’s P20 flagship phones. The Honor 10 has an excellent performance and that is in every scenario, including the heavy gaming that we tried on it.

Honor 10 internal

With the day-to-day performance, it is easy to say that the Honor 10 does so well but where we would usually be skeptical is about the high-graphic performance and the phone has proved to do so well.

The cameras with AI support

Apart from the design, what Honor is well known for is the camera department. The rear cameras on the Honor 10 are not just good with the sensors but also with the final captures that are done because of the software work done, and the Artificial Intelligence working by itself to understand the ambient surroundings and the object in focus, and then adjusts the dynamic range, the exposure, and colors based on that.

Honor 10 cameras

There is a dual-lens combination of a 24MP + 16MP cameras where the first one has a monochrome sensor for the better details and the 16MP camera with F/1.8 aperture does the capturing of colors. The artificial intelligence here is thanks to the Kirin 970 chipset that has the NPU (Neural processing unit) to identify over 500 scenarios in about 22 categories. The same AI is present even on the Huawei P20 flagship series.

The Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Usually, most of the Honor phones have the fingerprint scanner on the back and they help in multiple functions, but to keep it aesthetically so good on the back, the company kept the scanner on the front but it isn’t noticeable until you use it. This is the under-glass fingerprint scanner that works exceptionally well and it can also detect and unlock even if your fingers are wet.

Honor 10 fingerprint

Also, since the scanning pad is present below the glass, there is no loss in continuity on the glass as it is flat and there is only a slim border that shows the area of the scanner.

That display with the option to hide the notch

The display on the Honor 10 is smaller than the regular phones right now, and that’s the good thing, making it much more easier and comfortable to hold the phone. But, at the same time, a fair share of the market has been criticial about the notch on the top of the display and they don’t like to see that. The EMUI here has an option to directly hide the notch area and make it black.

Honor 10 notch

I still don’t mind the notch being there on the top as it houses the status bar icons but the option being handy in the Settings assures those who don’t like it, that they can avoid the notch.

Honor 10 top notch

There are several other things that one can talk about the Honor 10 but these were the major reasons why I would recommend the Honor 10 over the others in this price, and what makes it such a good phone. The design, the cameras, the performance, and the display, majority of the areas people look at when buying a phone, the Honor 10 has got it all covered quite well.

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    The smartphone is so great with the specs it offers it has a amazing quality with taking of pictures it has a really great AI capability to take the smart pictures #GizmoArmy

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