Youtube is finally available for JioPhone & JioPhone 2 running on Kai OS. Reliance Jio is pushing the new update to both the JioPhone and the JioPhone 2, later today. Prior to the launch of the standalone app, JioPhone users had to watch youtube videos from the browser. Earlier this month, the two phones running on Kai OS received the WhatsApp app support.

To, download the new app, users need to open the Jio App Store, wherein you see the Youtube app listed. You can download it right away, once you see the app available on the Jio App Store. The Youtube app for the JioPhones also allows users to log in to their Google account. With this new update, the JioPhones offer all the essential social networking apps, except for Twitter, which we hope to launch soon. Other apps that are available for the JioPhones include, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google Maps.

Image Source: Jio Fan Club