With the number of drones being launched and the advancements in their technology rapidly progressing, they are turning out to be a problem when in the hands of the wrong people. Now people are able to reach places which were inaccessible earlier like Airports, military restricted areas, government buildings, celebrity houses etc. With the rise in these types of cases there has been an increase in anti-drone defense systems, interceptor drones etc. One such innovation is the SkyWall 100 which is a bazooka type drone defense system.

The Skywall 100 Drone interceptor is capable of taking down a Drone from a distance of 100 meters. It is compact and developed by a team of English engineers designed to be handled by a single person, it weighs just 22 pounds and can be used similar to how a bazooka is handled. The Skywall 100 uses a ground to air projectile approach at taking down drones from mid-air which might be hovering or moving.

Skywall 100 anti Drone system

With the Skywall 100 which is portable and comes with a case, it can be carried to any location by a single operator and activated instantly, the drone’s inbuilt system using the “smart scope”, which automatically calibrates the distance and movement of the drone and gives instruction to the operator to make vertical and horizontal adjustments. Vertical adjustments are suggested depending on the range or distance of the drone and horizontal adjustments are made based on its movement.

After the target is in position the drone shows a green light in the scope and gives a beeping sound to inform the operator to shoot the device. Once the shot is taken a net is deployed which will open up and tangle the propellers of the drone taking it down, to keep the drone safe for further investigations it deploys a parachute to bring down the drone safely to the ground.

In case of infiltration by multiple Drones or a failed attempt at taking down the drone, the Skywall 100 can be activated immediately for re use by the operator himself. There has not been any official information about the pricing and availability of the Skywall 100, it is expected to be available by the end of this year.