Sixless, a professional esports player who was a part of the PUBG Mobile squad for the organization Cloud9 in the U.S. has been removed from the organization due to the recent remarks of his towards the Indian gaming community and players. Brandon Cole โ€˜Sixlessโ€™ Patterson brought himself into a controversy during a stream and then filled his Instagram stories with multiple comments on Indian players.

Sixless has his account private on Twitter, which doesn’t let us read his comments that he made, but the Insta stories are all over the Internet, and given how the Indian gaming community and its followership has grown in the recent past, the fans of Indian players were quick to reply and spread the message about the hate that Sixless was spreading.

Here’s what Sixless had mentioned.

Indians honestly really dumb if y’all thought I was talking about you in my tweets. Get your heads out of your ass and stop having such a big ego.

Since all the Indians hate me already let me tell alllllllnof you the truth that all the other regions think ok ๐Ÿ™‚

Scout, Jonathan, daljitsk are the only Indian players who can compete at a world level the rest of them just choke and can’t do anything

FNC and entity are the only teams who can do anything at a global level the rest of them just get 12th place every time ah ha ha

Tired of y’all toxic ass Indians “play Asia server better than NA server” then whenever I say something it’s the end of the world to you toxic little kids it’s funny right

Y’all so dumb you say mortal is better than paraboy and other players who are far better than him

You know what’s funny…the only people mad in my dms are Indians whaaaaaaattt every single other region is agreeing with me ๐Ÿ™‚

If soul does good in scrims y’all will cheer them on like crazy but when they die the same exact people who were cheering for soul will start hating soul and calling them trash. It’s kinda funny how toxic that is

sixless comments

sixless comments on indian pubg

Comments from our editor Chetan Bhawani:

While what Sixless mentioned, in the end, wasn’t wrong from a personal perspective, it was in a bad light when it was coming from a professional player who took advantage of the same players to gain followers of himself in the past during the tournaments. Also, as a professional esports player, you are expected to be “professional” with your talk around anything. Calling our good and bad players isn’t wrong, but there has to be a way to say it.

The fact that Indian viewership is toxic to an extent isn’t wrong. We tend to be too emotionally attached to things that we thrash the same teams that we praise in the previous game. That’s what Sixless pointed out at, but trying to be a racist and not being professional with the views is what led to him being removed from one of the well known and large gaming organizations in North America.

Cloud9 announced that they parted ways with Sixless “due to behavior which goes against our player and organization expectations and policies”.

We hope that this becomes a lesson to every professional eSports player, not just from the US but from all around the world and in India, you are being looked upon as an inspiration. Don’t be toxic, and that will teach people the same.



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