Lenovo has launched a smart fitness band in the Indian market to compete with the likes of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and the Fastrack Reflex band, as the Lenovo HW01 enters the market with the same price tag of Rs. 1999, and being exclusively launched on Flipkart.

The Lenovo HW01 smart band tracks your steps, and it also has a heart rate monitor to actively track the heart rate, and there is a warning whenever you are overexerting yourself. The Lenovo HW01 smartband works in two modes: regular, wherein you can set the band to monitor your heart rate at pre-defined intervals of time throughout the day, and Sports Mode, where the band automatically detects your heart rate every 15 minutes. More importantly, it vibrates when your heart reaches the designated threshold. This is your cue to slow down and go easy on yourself.

The band also has the anti-sleep mode that will let you know and wake you up if you are sleeping outside of the regular time zone of sleep. This mode alerts you of concentration loss or dozing while driving or working at night. The smartband will vibrate whenever you receive a notification on your phone and the band is connected to it. The other features include Social sharing, Selfie, and Music Control.

The sensors that are provided in this band are Pedometer, 3D acceleration sensor, dynamic heart rate sensor, and there is an OLED display on the band. It is a water resistant band and the users can connect to the band from their Android phone or iPhone.

The company claims that the battery will stay good for about five days when it is always connected to the phone, and the connectivity is through Bluetooth low-energy. The band is available only on Flipkart.



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