22Motors Flow launched as the first AI based Electric Scooter

    22Motors is a new startup from India and has launched their first product which is an artificial intelligence based scooter Flow. The electric scooter is expected to get better with time as it implements artificial intelligence based software to allow it perform actions that were not possible before.

    While the specifications of the scooter are not completely out yet, we know that the bike will be powered by lithium-ion batteries and offer a range of 80 km on a single charge. The batteries are expected to take five hours to charge up and there is also a dual battery option that essentially doubles up the range. The suspension on the front of the scooter is a telescopic suspension and the rear suspension is a mono shock. There is also a mobile charger and the storage space can hold up to two helmets in it.

    22 motors flow dash

    The scooter will come with cloud-server connectivity and have advanced features like AI that helps the bike understand and learn from the riding habits of the user. There is also inbuilt GPS that helps in navigation as well as a security measure to enable anti-theft. The battery-powered scooter has a peak torque of 90Nm and the battery comes with a 50,000km warranty. The 22 Motors Flow also comes with twin disc brakes to offer braking power and also has the electronic braking system to offer more stability and safety. The headlamp and taillamp of the scooter are all LED and the scooter also comes with features like cruise control and drag mode which is especially useful in case the scooter tire gets punctured. This is also one of the first scooters to come with a reverse gear that would effectively help in reversing and marking the scooter. You can set a geographical fence that the scooter is allowed move in and when you exit the location would automatically turn off the scooter, you can alternatively also use the inbuilt GPS to track the location of the scooter.

    The bookings for the scooter have already started and the deliveries are expected to start in the second quarter of 2018.

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