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Jio 4G

Have a 4G Phone? Try getting the Reliance Jio 4G Preview SIM for Free!

What seemed like a locked feature for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 users for now, is not actually locked and users are reporting that their 4G smartphone is also getting the coupon code to get the Reliance Jio 4G Preview SIM offer for free.

If you also have a 4G smartphone, you can try out your luck to see if you can get the SIM card. After all, it isn’t the SIM that is important here but the benefits attached to it – 3 months free unlimited calls and SMS, and 3 months free unlimited data usage.

Redmi Note 3 Jio 4G

While I’m checking this on my OnePlus 3, the offer isn’t showing up but for a few other users, it does, and it shows up even on the Xiaomi Mi Max.

Here’s how you can try to get the SIM Preview offer for free on your 4G smartphone.

Go to Google Play Store and download the My Jio app. This is an app that would introduce you to the offer. But before that, you will have to download all the apps that are listed there. There is a total of 10 apps, and without installing them, I didn’t see that option.

  • JioPlay
  • JioXpressNews
  • JioXpressNews
  • JioMoney
  • JioOnDemand
  • JioBeats
  • JioDrive
  • JioMags
  • JioChat
  • JioJoin
  • JioSecurity

To make things easier, tap on the “Install All” option on the top, and the app will keep opening the pages on Play Store, one after the other as the apps get installed.

The way it works is not the same for everyone. Some say that switching the network connectivity (from WiFi to Data, or Vice-versa) helped them and some say that a reboot was needed after all the apps were installed. Try reaching the My Jio app landing page without Internet connectivity, and you might get the option. Then, turn on Wi-Fi to reach the next page by tapping on the “Get Jio SIM” option.

Jio 4G Preview Offer on Redmi Note 3

The preview offer was directly available for selected Samsung smartphones and then, today, several Redmi Note 3 users reported about the same being available on their device. Now, it is yet to be known if this offer will be actually accepted by the Reliance Digital Store.

Update: An HTC Desire 826 user also reported about getting the offer.

One question that many have, is whether the SIM is IMEI locked or is it going to work on other phones as well. We contacted the person who got the SIM card, and he says that Reliance Digital didn’t take any details from him about the IMEI of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

Jio 4G SIM IMEI Not Locked

Update 2: We tried to reach out to the Reliance Jio team and they don’t have any communication about any partnership other than the Samsung Jio 4G partnership for now, so this is a technical glitch and won’t last for long, probably. Till then, you can try and get the coupon code and get the SIM card.

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Comments 19
  1. Thanks a ton for letting us know about this trick to get Reliance Jio sim. I have followed every step, and generated the offer code. What to do now ?

    I have to provide my documents with this code to the Reliance Jio store of my city ?

    1. Dude i tried installed all apps and done with restart as well but could not receive any code… could you pls share the process followed by you?/

  2. its all chutiyapa bc…nonthing happing am unfollowing this page…downloaded all app ending all in chutiyapa

    1. rightly told bro. Downloaded all apps on my lenovo A6000 but no option of get your jio sim card came at the end

    1. Dude i tried installed all apps and done with restart as well but could not receive any code… could you pls share the process followed by you?/

  3. Hey Bro Thanks a ton . Got the offer and the code. Now what? Have users reported getting the sim card ? just confirming though. Please answer Asap. Only then shall i head to the store.

    1. Got the sim today thanks. They said it will be active by tuesday. Actually u have to be smart. When the shopkeeper asks which phone you should say i got it on my dads edge6 and now as he is out of state i will activate the sim on my name. I said exact that and the shopkeeper accepted my request. Waiting to Feel the speed on JIO 4g

    2. Dude i tried installed all apps and done with restart as well but could not receive any code… could you pls share the process followed by you?/

  4. I have got code through OnePlus 3 but Reliance Digital is not accepting it as offer is for FYL and Samsung mobile.

  5. If I can get the JIO SIM card.. Will it work on any other android phone?? I mean other than samsung.. Pls reply as soon as possible.. I getting the Sim by paying ₹300.

    1. Won’t appreciate people selling SIM cards and making a business out of it, but if it is the SIM given for the invite code, it will work only if it is activated already.



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