Reliance is slowly partnering with the smartphone brands to offer the free Jio 4G SIM card to the buyers. First, it was with a bunch of Samsung smartphones that the offer was available, and now we’re getting to see the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 users too getting the free SIM offer.

One of our readers mentioned about the same while on the way to Reliance Digital to confirm the same and get the free Jio 4G SIM card. It is quite a different procedure, though, where you are required to download the whole suite of apps that are listed under the My Jio section.

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Redmi Note 3 Jio 4G

How to get free Jio 4G SIM card with Redmi Note 3?

You’ll have to go to Google Play Store and download the My Jio App. Here’s the link for the same.

Once you download and install that, open the app and you’ll see a list of apps, about 10 of them to install each of them by going to the Play Store. Once you are done with all of this, you’ll have to wait for a few minutes, and even try changing your network connectivity (Wi-Fi to Data or vice-versa).

Then, open the My Jio section and you’ll be able to get the option “Get Jio SIM”. Tap on that and you’ll be seeing the step by step procedure to generate the preview code and how to get the SIM and it’s activation details.

I’ve just taken out my Redmi Note 3 to see if it works, and the picture here is the proof. Downloaded all the apps and after that, it shows the option to get the SIM card. Whether it will work or not, and if I am going to get the SIM card by visiting the Reliance Digital store, that is yet to be checked.

Do you have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3? If yes, this is worth a try, since you will be getting a free SIM card with three months of unlimited data, calling, and SMS. Also, we are hoping that just like the case with the SIM given to Samsung smartphone owners, the SIM might not be locked to that particular device.

We’ll update this page with any information that we get, either from the Jio team or from Xiaomi about any partnership, if they did, or if this is a glitch. UPDATE: The user got the SIM from Reliance Digital, so this works perfectly, and the SIM is awaiting activation.

One question that many have, is whether the SIM is IMEI locked or is it going to work on other phones as well. We contacted the person who got the SIM card, and he says that Reliance Digital didn’t take any details from him about the IMEI of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

Jio 4G SIM IMEI Not Locked

Update 2: We tried to reach out to the Reliance Jio team and they don’t have any communication about any partnership other than the Samsung Jio 4G partnership for now, so this is a technical glitch and won’t last for long, probably. Till then, you can try and get the coupon code and get the SIM card.

Thank you Manoj Nagendra for the tip.


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