CEVA, the professional leading licensor of signal processing platforms unveiled its new RivieraWaves RW-AX series of 802.11ax Wi-Fi intellectual property which is mainly targeted towards end-user devices, smart homes, and network infrastructure. CEVA is the first company to offer licensable 802.11ax solutions which have seen a growing demand for both, high-performance access points as well as low power IoT devices.

With recent advancements in technology, the prices of internet access devices have steeply reduced and we this has resulted in the better adoption of the Internet which ultimately resulted in the Wi-Fi spectrum getting increasingly congested. This results in less than optimal service and reduced bandwidth to the connected users. This is more evident in particularly dense environments where more people are connected to the Wi-Fi and other similar wireless technologies. Wi-Fi 802.11ax provides an impressive 25% improvement in the data transfer speeds over the already fast 802.11ac standards and also provides the much-needed innovation to help the spectrum efficiency and network capacity. The improvements include the implementation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) for bandwidth sharing and uplink Multi-User MIMO capabilities for the symmetrical data load.

The Wi-Fi 802.11ax standard also comes with new features such as wake-time scheduling and addresses the needs of the latest requirements of IoT and similar low power devices by offering greater efficiency and lower power consumption.

The RivieraWaves RW-AX series includes the RW-AX Low power which is an 11ax 20MHz platform ideal for small and low power IoT devices including wearable like smartwatches. There is also the RW-AX High Performance where the 802.11ax platforms with symmetrical Multi-User MIMO are tunes for high-performance applications such as smartphones, set-top box, and other network streaming devices. The most advanced implementation is the 802.11ax up to 4×4 the addresses the most advanced use cases such as access points and media gateways.

Each of the RivieraWaves Wi-Fi solutions comes with PHY modem functions and MAC functions such as Lower MAC and Full MAC software protocol stacks. The Intellectual Property is provided with an integrated platform containing an open-source processor which is optional operating-system-agnostic.


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