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Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Videos can now last for up to 4 hours, with Video-only mode

Facebook’s Live Video feature has been actively used by brands and celebrities so far, but when the platform is being used to even stream live events, one would always want to see it run for as long as you need. The current limit of two hours seems too less for it and thus, Facebook live videos can now last for up to four hours, which is twice as long as the current limit.

Along with this, the live video will now have a “Video-only” mode that is said to hide comments and reactions and as a viewer, one will be able to view only the video in a full-screen view.

Facebook Live Video

The changes will be brought about not only to the web version but also to the Android and iOS apps. It will be fullscreen videos in landscape and portrait mode on iOS and portrait on Android, while the landscape view for Android will be coming later this year.

The video-only mode will also help hide the white comment and reactions box below it. Broadcasters and viewers, both can toggle these options, and to change that, you just need to swipe the screen left or right across the video.

These changes are said to be rolling out already, but it will take a few weeks until the changes show up on all the platforms slowly. One of the sources say that the landscape view recording was already available but in 4:3 aspect ratio, so it should be about the 16:9 aspect ratio for landscape view.

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