Facebook Memories

How to prevent ‘On this day” notification from Facebook for particular dates

Facebook is such an old website now, most of us have been a part of it for several years and have shared a lot of

Facebook Live Video Notifications

How to turn off Notifications for Facebook Live Videos

Facebook launched the Facebook Live feature as a public release recently, it is a live streaming platform that lets Facebook users broadcast in real-time to

Facebook Push Notifications Android

How to Enable and Disable Facebook Notifications on Chrome

Google Chrome introduced a new API for Push notification support a few years ago and this feature allows websites which are given the permission, to

Portal and Portal+

Facebook announces Portal, Portal + video calling devices with Amazon Alexa voice assistant

Facebook, the social networking behemoth has launched the Portal and Portal+, today. The Portal and Portal+ are two video communication devices for the home. The

Facebook F8 2018

Facebook F8 2018 – 9 Announcements worth knowing about

Facebook has announced a plethora of new features, products and services at their F8 conference. Here’s a quick overview of all the big announcements that

Express Wi-Fi Facebook

Facebook to offer 20000 Express Wi-Fi hotspots in India in partnership with Airtel

Express Wi-Fi is part of Facebook’s global initiative to spread internet connectivity. The initiative is now entering India and it had started testing back in

Facing battery drain with Facebook & Messenger? Restart the apps!

Facebook and its apps, and the battery draining issues on smartphones is not an uncommon occurrence. Sometimes, you would notice your smartphone battery levels to

Facebook Gameroom

Facebook Gameroom announced as the Windows Desktop Gaming Platform

Aiming gamers at the PC level after losing it to the Android and iOS on smartphones, Facebook has announced Gameroom, a platform that is made

Facebook live video NASA

Enjoying the Facebook Live stream from Space / ISS? They are Fake!

If you’ve been active on Facebook in the past 24 hours, you might have already seen one of your friends sharing the feed setup by

Instagram for Windows 10 PC

Instagram for Windows 10 PC & Tablet Released – Download Now

Finally, you can now use Instagram on your PC without having to use a third party application for the same, as Facebook launches Instagram for

Facebook Secret Conversations

Facebook Secret Conversations – How to activate, use and other FAQ

Facebook has secretly introduced the Secret Conversations on its Messenger platform, and this comes as a move after the introduction of Allo app by Google,


Tweaks to save data while using your Favorite apps on Android

How much ever you crib about your data being used excessively by apps that you use commonly, you still use them because one cannot stay