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Facing battery drain with Facebook & Messenger? Restart the apps!

Facebook and its apps, and the battery draining issues on smartphones is not an uncommon occurrence. Sometimes, you would notice your smartphone battery levels to be falling too quickly and if the stats are checked, it would be one of the apps as the culprit and Facebook would be somewhere near the top of the list.

But the recent update of the app seemed to have messed up things quite a lot. Not just Facebook, but also Messenger app from the makers are said to be pulling off a lot of battery than expected. Now, according to several users who are complaining on social networks including Twitter, the drain was no so much earlier and it has weirdly become worse after a recent update.

Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging Products, David Marcus, has also acknowledged the issue and has been quick in fixing the issue, which according to him doesn’t need an app update but a restart is enough. It seems to be an isolated incident which is now fixed and all you need to do is – restart your app.

Now, how does one restart an app? Simple, go to the multitasking section / recent apps section and swipe to clean the app from the list. Open it from the app drawer. Since the issue is fixed from the server side, according to Facebook developers, a restart should be enough to fix the issue.

In case you see an update available for the app, it is always wise to update it to the latest version because most of the updates carry something related to security as well, and that makes it mandatory for an update to be done. Did you face any battery drain issue with Facebook or Messenger? Try this!

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