Opera has made a beautiful browser in the time when a browser needs to offer super functionality with the help of add-ons and even with them, it should not use a lot of resources in the PC. Called as the Opera Neon browser, this new web browser looks good, offering a rich user experience.

The Opera Neon concept browser for Windows takes a fresh approach at Speed dial, giving a shortcut to some of the favorite websites that you frequently visit, and there are visual tabs as well as the Omnibox that gives every tab the start that a user would want, to either enter a URL or a keyword to search for.

Opera Neon wipes away your desktop clutter by bringing your computer’s wallpaper into the browser. The Tabs and other objects in Opera Neon respond to you like real objects; they have weight and move in a natural way when dragged, pushed, or even popped. Following are some of the other features of the Neon browser.

  • Video pop-out screen for a rich video viewing experience
  • Split screen mode
  • Rebuilt omnibox to kickstart a tab usage
  • Snap to Gallery tool that helps take screenshots while browsing and have them in a gallery within the browser
  • Gather your media-playing tabs together in the player panel

To be fair, for the 30-odd minutes that we used the Opera Neon browser, this did seem refreshing and an easy experience, and it took away the need of an external screenshot tool. There’s also the Incognito mode that makes the browser not record what you browse while using that mode. Having said that, if you are using one of the current browsers like Firefox or Chrome and have some extensions, you might miss them here.

The Opera Neon browser is free for Windows and you can download it from the Opera website. Download it from here.