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How to Enable and Disable Facebook Notifications on Chrome

Google Chrome introduced a new API for Push notification support a few years ago and this feature allows websites which are given the permission, to send you notifications and alerts even when the website is not open in any tab. Web push works in sync with other really cool features like Web manifests, to help make your website more like an app on Mobiles and Desktops.

One of our readers recently asked us if there was a way to get notifications on a desktop from Facebook similar to the way it is sent to the Android app. This was just the right time to ask the question as Facebook had introduced a similar option back then. There was an option which would notify you with a push notification on both Chrome for Android and Desktop if you enable it for a particular website.

As few people know about it, we decided to write a small guide for both, Android and Desktop hoping that it would help.

You won’t have to install any extra extensions or look for any hidden setting, This feature works without the need for any third party service and we will cover this feature for Google Chrome browser on Android and your regular desktop.

Facebook was one of the first websites to add support for this feature, and it was followed by the likes of eBay and product hunt.

Keeping Facebook open at all times is not really a practical thing to do, you could alternatively turn on desktop notifications for Facebook through Chrome instead, this way you stay updated with the latest from Facebook without having to check the website itself.

When you click on one of the web push messages, Facebook opens the corresponding page in a mobile version of Facebook in a new tab if you already have a few tabs open at the time.

How to Enable Facebook Notifications in Chrome

The first thing that you will have to do to get started is to enable Mobile notifications on Facebook by going to the Facebook website and navigating to Settings. Here look for Notifications Settings and tap it and then select Mobile.

Facebook Notifications Settings

This page should also let you decide which notifications you want to be alerted for, for the not so important notifications, you can turn off push messages.


To enable Facebook notifications, open the Facebook website using the Chrome browser for Android and you should be prompted if you’re interested in enabling push notifications for the website. Just agree to the ‘Allow Notifications’ toast and you will be notified whenever something noteworthy happens.

To disable push notifications in Chrome for Android

To disable notifications in Chrome open the Chrome Settings and navigate to the Site Settings. Here select the notifications tab and there will be a section name “Allowed”, open it and tap on Facebook. Under the permissions, tap on Notifications and select the Block option to block Facebook notifications.

Notifications for Desktop

To enable Facebook desktop notifications using the Chrome browser, navigate to the Facebook website by opening and when it prompts you regarding the notification, agree to it by clicking the Agree button in the show notifications prompt.

Facebook Notifications Chrome Popup

To disable push notifications

Open the Chrome browser and look for the cog icon which stands for the settings. open the settings and scroll down to the content settings. Click on the Content settings and a popup should open up. Scroll down to look for the Notification sections and click it. Select the Manage Preferences option and you should be shown a list of websites that you have push notifications enabled. Look for the Facebook website, in the drop-down next to it select disable.

Facebook Notifications Disable Chrome

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