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Facebook Live Video Notifications

How to turn off Notifications for Facebook Live Videos

Facebook launched the Facebook Live feature as a public release recently, it is a live streaming platform that lets Facebook users broadcast in real-time to their friends and followers about what’s happening in their life. As annoying as it might seem, Facebook sends a notification to all the friends of the person whenever they start streaming live, this could mean that you’ll end up in a bunch of notifications that you’re not really looking for.

We recently had one of our readers message us for help. He follows a lot of bloggers, media persons, and in general, socially active people. Each day she gets at least 5 notifications from Facebook telling him that one of his friends have gone Live on Facebook live. This can get really annoying after a while, it’s not the most pleasing thing in the world to be pestered with tons of notifications for things that you don’t care about, He was wondering if there was any quick way to turn off notifications for these live posts on Facebook

We quickly guided him through it and since there are many of us who face the same problem, we decided to cover the solution like a small guide.

Unlike as in the case of a photo, video or an article where you get notified only when a friend tags you, you will get a notification for any and every Facebook live stream that your friends create, even if you’re not tagged in it. From Facebook’s end it does make a little sense if the event is happening live, then it makes sense to notify people when it is happening as it will ensure that people see it live. However, in reality, it does get very annoying. Luckily there is a quick way to disable these pesky notifications and keep your notification panel clean.

How to disable Facebook Live Notifications:

Just like most other annoying things on Facebook, this fix is also pretty easy to accomplish if you know where to look for it. While you’re logged into your Facebook account, click on the downward facing arrow to the top right corner which should drop down a menu. Look for the Settings and click it. In the left panel, locate the notifications panel and click on it to open the notification settings.

Facebook Live Videos Notification - Settings Dropdown

Facebook Notification Settings

Within Notifications, click on Edit next to the On Facebook option which should be on top and scroll down all the way through the lengthy list of options to find the Live videos option near the bottom and toggle it to All Off to completely turn off Live Video notifications from all your friends.

Facebook Live Videos Notifications

These changes are applied immediately and you should no longer receive notifications from your friends each time they go online on Facebook using the Facebook live feature. If you find this guide helpful do share it with your friends so that they don’t have to face the same issue.

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