Mac OS Big Sur

MacOS Big Sur update major issues – Bricked MacBooks, Broken Mails, and more

Apple and software updates is a saga that we have seen through years with Apple setting standards for other companies to provide long-term software support

JioMart online groceries order

How to use JioMart on WhatsApp to order groceries online

JioMart is now live. You can actually start using it to order groceries from your smartphone on the most active messaging app, WhatsApp. JioMart is

Transparent smartphone cover turn yellow-3

Why do transparent phone cover turn yellow over time? How to fix it?

A smartphone cover helps cover the back and sides of the phone, and sometimes the bump on the side of the device keeps even the

Realme 2 Dual VoLTE

Dual VoLTE – Why is this needed and what you need to know

Ever since VoLTE networks were introduced, things had changed with how people made calls to each other, how video calling was done over the data

PayTM RuPay Debit Card

PayTM Debit Card Charges, Features – RuPay Platinum Debit Card Details

Once a website and app for recharge of mobile phones, PayTM has grown up to reach a level where they have their own bank, a


Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) – What is it and why is it important in cars?

ABS was first developed in 1929 for Aircraft systems and the technology was later implemented in the four-wheelers in 1966. The main scale implementation of

Mobile Network Mythbusters

Mythbusters – Mobile Network Towers, Indoor Coverage, and SAR Value

“Hey, the electromagnetic field radiations might cause harm to your health” is something you might have heard commonly when you live in a place that


What is GPS, GLONASS and GPS Locking – How does it work?

GPS stands for global positioning system which is a location detection technology developed by the United States government and operated by the United States, Air


What is MHL Technology and How Does it Work?

The term MHL Technology stands for Mobile High-Definition Link and it is an industry standard for the interface between Mobile audio/video that creates an interface


USB OTG – What is it and what are the uses?

USB OTG is a standard through which two USB devices communicate with each other and here, the OTG is specifically for the on-the-go devices. Earlier,

Fake News law India

Fake News and the Indian Law – IT Act, IPC – What you need to know

The 2016 USA presidential elections is a crucial event in the modern political history. It showed that elections are not just fought on the ground

ASUS ZenFone AR technology

How does the Google Tango work on ASUS ZenFone AR?

Smartphones have been showing a lot of promise when it comes to advancements in technology and some of them have done a wonderful job in