SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. Specific Absorption Rate of a mobile phone is a measure of the rate of RF (radio frequency) energy absorption by the human body from the mobile phone being measured. SAR rating of mobile phones are very important and should be looked at before buying any mobile phones simply because if the radiation rate is high, it can be very harmful to the human body and in most cases, may lead to serious illness.

After reading this or some other people who may already know this will go on to buy mobile phones simply looking at the SAR considering that a phone with lower SAR is much safer than those mobile phones with higher SAR. However, this is not the case. Even though SAR should be looked at before buying a phone, that alone cannot guarantee that you have bought a safe phone. SAR should not be considered as a single criterion to make sure if a mobile phone is safe or not.

According to various criteria, SAR shows the rate of maximum radiation exposure possibilities and this value will be enough for the companies to get approval. This SAR value though does not indicate how much radiation is present while the mobile phone is in normal use. For example, let us consider two mobile phones 1 & 2. There might be a specific situation in which 1 produces more SAR than 2 but in all other conditions, 1 has lower SAR than 2. According to the regulations, the highest reading is to be taken as the SAR. In the above-mentioned situation, the result is that technically 1 is safer than 2 but if SAR is taken into account it will seem otherwise.

All mobile phones are required to meet the SAR standards set by the authorities however these standards set by them are not sufficient and are way lower than the limits that laboratories and health specialists agree with. This essentially implies that most mobile phones available in the market and we use do not match with the actual Radio Frequency limits that they should not cross.

This means that we are all essentially in danger when we use our mobile phones and are at risk of serious health issues due to the exposure to the very high levels of radiation which can even cause cancerous growth in the human body. The children nowadays are in fact the major users of mobile phones and if these radiations can cause high danger to adults, it definitely is much more harmful to children and may lead to serious health issues in their future. Watch out before you buy your next mobile phone because essentially you are diving into a pit of thorns!

Phones with highest SAR rating

Cell phone brand and type SAR level
1. Motorola Droid Maxx 1.54
1a. Motorola Droid Ultra 1.54
3. Alcatel One Touch Evolve 1.49
3a. Huawei Vitria 1.49
5. Kyocera Hydro Edge 1.48
6. Kyocera Kona 1.45
7. Kyocera Hydro XTRM 1.44
8. BlackBerry Z10 1.42
9. BlackBerry Z30 1.41
9a. ZTE Source 1.41
9b. ZTE Warp 4G 1.41
12. Nokia Lumia 925 1.4
12a. Nokia Lumia 928 1.4
14. Sonim XP Strike 1.39
14a. Kyocera Hydro Elite 1.39
16. T-Mobile Prism 2 1.385
17. Virgin Mobile Supreme 1.38
17a. Sprint Vital 1.38
19. Sprint Force 1.37
20. Huawei Pal 1.33

Phones with least SAR rating

Cell phone brand and type SAR level
1. Verkool Vortext RS90 0.18
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 0.19
3. ZTE Nubia 5 0.225
4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 0.28
5. Samsung Galaxy Mega 0.321
6. Kyocera Dura XT 0.328
7. Pantech Discover 0.35
8. Samsung Galaxy Beam 0.36
9. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II 0.37
10. Pantech Swift 0.386
11. Samsung Jitterbug Plus 0.4
11a. Jitterbug Plus 0.4
13. LG Exalt 0.43
13a. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 0.43
15. HTC One V 0.455
16. LG Optimus Vu 0.462
17. Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G 0.47
17a. Samsung Rugby 3 0.47
19. HTC One Max 0.5
20. LG G2 0.51

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