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Realme 2 Dual VoLTE

Dual VoLTE – Why is this needed and what you need to know

Ever since VoLTE networks were introduced, things had changed with how people made calls to each other, how video calling was done over the data network, and the major change was how the data network was used for regular calls as well. It has been one of the major breakthroughs and the introduction of this had also made every smartphone manufacturer take some steps in implementing the same and offering the VoLTE support in their devices. After a while, with the number of network providers offering VoLTE going up, we’ve seen people opting for dual VoLTE networks and devices. So, let’s discuss what Dual VoLTE is, and how is it important.

Just like VoLTE, Dual VoLTE solves the same purpose but with two SIM cards working at the same time and being active at the same time. When there was a single SIM VoLTE active, most of the smartphones offered a secondary SIM slot with only the option to keep it limited to 2G networks. Of course, it is dependent on the chipset that powers the phone, but it also is dependent on the network compatibility there. With Dual VoLTE, you are allowed to keep HD calls active on both the SIM cards and thus, the calling experience is made better by two folds.

Also called as DSDV, this service takes advantage of the dual-IMS technology and what happens here is that the user is now free to choose any SIM card to have the data active and the HD calling can be done from the other number as well, which is advantageous over the regular 4G + 2G combination we had seen not long ago.

Dual VoLTE

You are future proofing yourself if you are choosing a phone with the Dual VoLTE compatibility because in the times ahead, we might see most of the networks upgrading their networks to 4G VoLTE and the ones that won’t, they would not be the user’s choice anyway. Bharti Airtel has upgraded its network in most of the areas and we see VoLTE available on the networks even in remote areas, and with a smartphone offering Dual VoLTE, you would be able to use data and make HD calls at the same time with the two SIM cards being active.

There was one concern raised by the users where the Dual VoLTE feature was being introduced – Battery life of the smartphones. The chipset manufacturers had assured that there won’t be any significant change to the battery life here because the SIM cards would be working in dual standby mode and they’d automatically be active with the active data connectivity whenever required.

Now, what matters here, as said earlier as well, is the need for a good network operator to offer VoLTE at its best, and Airtel is one of the recommmended networks in this area for offering seamless connectivity with the data network making it possible to do HD calling without an issue, and when you could easily rely on the network for the single SIM VoLTE, it should not matter much even when there is Dual VoLTE service needed as the two SIM cards in the smartphone would take advantage of the same network here. While choosing a good smartphone that supports the Dual VoLTE connectivity is very important, it is equally important to get onto a network that truly helps staying connected and doing the high-quality calls and also keep the data active while you are on a call, possible on the VoLTE network.

The work+personal number combination only works when you are on a network that is capable of helping you out with it, so choosing the right network for your Dual VoLTE phone is needed. Are you using VoLTE on your phone? Which network do you use for the same?

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