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JioMart online groceries order

How to use JioMart on WhatsApp to order groceries online

JioMart is now live. You can actually start using it to order groceries from your smartphone on the most active messaging app, WhatsApp. JioMart is a concept of purchasing groceries from your smartphone at this time of lockdown when it is hard for people to venture out and get groceries by standing in long queues outside the stores.

If you have heard the news and have already gotten excited about online ordering of groceries through WhatsApp, hold your horses, as there are some limitations right now as this is the initial phase and while you can actually order the groceries, you will still have to manually go and pick up the stuff from the nearby store that is chosen.

Let us give you a quick understanding of how things work and how you can order groceries through JioMart.

You will need to add a phone number 8850008000 to your Contacts with any name, though to make it less confusing let’s name it JioMart. Or if you don’t want to add it to contacts and want to send the message directly to that number, follow this link.

Now, go to that chat window in WhatsApp and type “Hi”.

Once you do that since this is an automated process, there will be a reply generated with this message.

JioMart Hi


Welcome to JioMart WhatsApp Order Booking Service.

We are currently serving selected localities in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan.

Orders placed by 7pm everyday will be available for pick up at your nearest JioMart Kirana within next 2 days.

Place your order here 👇

Note: The above link is only for your use and valid for next 30 mins.
To generate a new link send Hi in the chat window.


So, for now, the locations are very limited and since Jio has its base in Mumbai, partnering with local Kirana stores in Mumbai might be easier for the company to start with, so the three areas initially are Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan.

JioMart areas

JioMart Groceries List

Once you go to that given link in the browser, enter your address, name, and the area, you will be given with the entire list of groceries available and the Kirana from where you can pick up the groceries when it is ready. According to the message, you will be given a message when the groceries are ready in that particular Kirana store and you can go pick them up.

The payment on JioMart is not online currently and as soon as you place the order, it gets active and there is no payment gateway to which it gets connected. You will see this message on WhatsApp along with the PDF invoice once th e-order is placed.

JioMart Order Confirmation

Thank you for placing your order on JioMart Whatsapp Ordering System.

Your Order has been successfully placed with:


You will receive a SMS once Kirana Partner is ready with your order. You can pay at Kirana and Pick your order.

To locate your JioMart Kirana Click

Stay Safe.

How to cancel an order on JioMart?

For now, there is no way we can try to delete the order or cancel the order on the JioMart, once it is successfully placed. One way you can try is by contacting the Kirana store and letting them know about the same and get it canceled so that they don’t have to do any effort of packing and sorting the groceries, but there is no way through the JioMart chat to cancel the order.

Note – We are told that JioMart will start delivering the groceries later but for now, since the lockdown is active and ground teams cannot be made that easily given the situation, it is only the store pickup that is available for the users who want to purchase the groceries, so in a way, this is no different from the regular condition where you visit a store and buy the groceries but the difference is that the Kirana store will have the entire order packed and ready for pickup and you will only have to deal with the payment part and pick the package.

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