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OPPO 5x Dual-Camera Zoom

OPPO 5x Dual-Camera Zoom Technology – What is it?

Every brand now is indulging in not just bringing out smartphones that stand tough against the competition, but also in making technology better in aspects that matter. While Meizu had announced the Super mCharge technology to charge a phone battery in just 20 minutes, OPPO at MWC came up with the “5x Dual-Camera Zoom” technology. OPPO says that this is the world’s first periscope-style dual-camera technology for smartphones.

According to OPPO, this new technology will help achieve 5x lossless zoom while capturing photos on your smartphone, while most of the smartphones currently are able to do that only up to 2x zoom. OPPO worked for almost a year to develop the revolutionary periscope-styled dual-camera technology. Currently, more than 50 patents have been filed for this technology.

Mr. Sky Li, VP, OPPO, MD of International Mobile Business & President of OPPO India, said, “The ‘5x Dual Camera Zoom’ has opened up yet another realm of possibility in terms of smartphone photography, and is a reflection of our dedication to delivering on what our customers want and need to take beautiful and clear pictures”.

How does this work and how did the idea come up?

Periscope on a submarine. This is what inspired this technology. A wide-angle and a telephoto lens (dual camera) work in the periscope styled structure. Talking technically, if the angle of the telephoto lens is shifted by 90 degrees, the space it needs for a deep zoom can be achieved. A periscope-style prism then directs the path of the light entering the camera by 90 degrees, and sends the image through the telephoto lens when the user zooms in on a subject or object. The dual camera solutions right now have been able to achieve only 2x zoom, but OPPO has been able to achieve this amount of zoom that helps in landscapes, portraits, and close-up shots in a better way.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) Solution

Usually, zooming in leads to a situation where even a slightest of shake or vibration can change the resulting image. OPPO says that the company has worked to bring this new Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) solution. Rather than having the OIS on the wide-angle lens, OPPO is having the OIS directly in the telephoto lens.

Through the OIS technology, both the prism and telephoto lens intelligently sense vibrations and compensate in real time. This new OIS solution should be making the performance of the previous generations by about 40 percent.

“We are definitely putting a stake in the ground in terms of technological breakthroughs for mobile photography. The dual cameras with wide-angled and telephoto lens, together with the periscope-style construction, our image fusion technology and the Optical Image Stabilization, edges mobile photography even closer to what digital cameras are capable of doing. Our 5x Dual-Camera Zoom will again set yet another technological standard that others will emulate,” Sky Li added.

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