Apple had last year revealed a robot that we never got a chance to talk about, but now we do, knowing how well it works in helping make the environment better by recycling the products that are used and are now deemed useless. “Liam” is what Apple has named it.

While most of the robots or machines that we see at large manufacturing units or warehouses hold a job of making things by joining parts or components, Liam does the exact opposite of that by disassembling the iPhones that are returned by the users after they reach the end of their usage cycle.

Electronic waste is always an issue for the environment, and that especially from batteries of smartphones or any electronics is a bio hazard that needs addressing but is rarely taken seriously. Liam specializes in carefully breaking down the iPhones by separating each component and ensuring that these don’t get mixed and then, the company would sell these to the recycling dealers who would use it for their own purpose rather than sending it to a dump yard where nothing happens to it for decades or centuries ahead.

There’s no special reason behind the name Liam because it was just named like a child is named after its birth. There are 29 robotic helping hands attached to it that basically do the job of holding the device while certain parts are pulled out and sent to their respective containers. There are screwdrivers on some arms, while some would possess suction cups, all intelligently set to make it work in the best way.

How much can these do? According to the information put up by Apple, the entire set of Liam robots can help disassemble about 1.2 million iPhones in a year, with a capacity of about 350 per hour, working Monday to Friday. Yes, even robots have the work cycle like we humans do.

Apple is increasing its efforts to make things better for its customers and for the environment, so the support for disassembling will also increase to iPods and iPads later but the iPhone breakdown is possible for now.

All of its U.S. facilities and operations are powered by 100 percent renewable energy, and the new Apple Campus 2 is also said to be made by using eco-friendly materials and technology, which includes usage of solar panels on the roof.

Source: Apple



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