Dual, Tri and Quad Band Cell Phones – What are they are where do they work?

    Most of the mobile phones we use right now have dual, tri or even quad bands. The obvious question that will come up in your mind is what is the band that is being mentioned here. So, basically all mobile phones can use at least two radio frequencies to receive or make calls. The more the number of bands, more the number of frequencies the mobile phone can use to communicate with other devices.

    The number of bands a phone has also indicates various features of a mobile phone like: Which all countries the mobile phone can be used in, if your mobile phone can receive or transmit signals in another country and we can even know how good the signal transmission will be when the device is taken to a specific location.

    In total, there are about 14 bands in the world and these bands are grouped according to the region. Before traveling abroad with your current mobile phone, we suggest you check with the manufacturer of your phone to know how many bands are accessible with your phone so that you will not have to face any difficulties during your travel.

    If you have a tri-band mobile phone, chances are that the device is going to work all over the world without the user having to worry about the bands or the region. However, same is not the case when it comes to dual and quad band cell phones. If you are using a dual band cell phone, the device will not be functional in the following areas: Canada, United States of America, Central and South America.

    In all other parts of the world, dual band phones will be functional. If you are using a quad band cell phone, it is almost functional throughout the world! As a matter of fact, in some parts of Hong Kong and Japan, only quad band cell phones will be usable as dual and tri-band mobile phones will not be able to transmit or receive signals in these regions.

    If you are a person who travels regularly or plans to travel abroad soon enough, we would suggest that you should buy a quad band phone. This will make sure that the phone can be used to access gsm network throughout the world and you will not have to worry about making requests to service providers just to make your mobile phone functional!

    Even if you use a dual or tri-band mobile device you can travel to areas not mentioned above without many issues but we will suggest you to use quad band mobiles just to make sure that you do not run into trouble and cannot make that very important call at a critical time. We all love to travel with almost all possible precautions at all times right? So why take a risk with your mobile phones because phones are as much an integral part of traveling nowadays as a passport!

    Vamshi Kumar
    Vamshi Kumar
    Vamshi is a geek who's into cryptocurrency, NFTs, DeFi projects and Web 3.0. The world is advancing towards an Internet world of Blockchain, why should we stay behind?

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