Mythbusters – Mobile Network Towers, Indoor Coverage, and SAR Value

    “Hey, the electromagnetic field radiations might cause harm to your health” is something you might have heard commonly when you live in a place that is close to one of the mobile network towers. It was okay to doubt this until you now know that it was a myth. There are reasons to be worried about it but when you know the truth about it, you will understand that it was never a worry really.

    Let’s bust the myths around Airtel network and the signals you get from the network towers.

    1. Will having more towers around your house have better signals in your phone?

    Yes, certainly. But installing a tower isn’t an overnight and easy process, and the demand for on a network to offer more signals is what makes a network like Airtel to install a tower as it also includes the planning and infrastructure. Airtel has been consistently working to improve not just the signal strength by installing multiple towers wherever necessary but also has seen to it that these are powered by the latest technology to keep the network quality at its best.

    1. Does older network drain more battery from your phone, when compared to 4G and 4G VoLTE?

    It is all about the processing of the data. The later and newer generations of network require far more complex processing than the earlier networks and thus, the battery drain can sure be there but that is only when you have the data running actively. On standby, the battery drain isn’t as much. Also, earlier, the 4G network was only for data network and the calls would make the network switch back to 3G, but now with the 4G VoLTE, there is no such switching and the battery drain at whatever level it is, it remains consistent and you would easily know what amount of battery drain would happen overnight to keep your charger handy.

    1. Does higher SAR value in your phone affect health and is it linked to mobile network towers too?

    SAR value

    The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is the value of radio frequency that the human body absorbs when it comes in touch with the devices. The SAR value is measured for body and head, and there are certain laws and the values can be a maximum based on the specified laws. Now, SAR value is something that the network providers cannot have a control on, and that is all about smartphones and the brands working on them to make the SAR value in control. The mobile radiation is still going to be the same around you, but if the SAR value of your device is higher, that though isn’t proven, can be called risky.

    1. With the increasing number in users on each network and the towers being almost the same, isn’t it affecting the indoor network coverage?

    Not really. While the network speeds seem dull on a few networks, Airtel has been upgrading the towers with the latest LTE 900 Mhz band network that is said to be offering better reception indoors, and that has not just made the call quality better but also the data network speeds better. It doesn’t need newer towers to be installed but the upgrade in network is surely going to change the experience for the users.

    What did we learn here? One of the biggest mythbusters here is that the network quality has changed with the increase in the number of users but that is not true with every network, and with Airtel working on the deployment of the newer technology, the network quality is rather improving.

    Picture credits: Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan Bhawani
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