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Facebook dislike button announced by mark zuckerberg

Facebook working on a Dislike button, says Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has been working on the ‘Dislike’ button and has been confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook at the live Q&A event in company headquarters. One would never have imagined that a simple button or an option would be so talked about when announced. But with the popularity of Facebook and the growing usage has surely made Facebook a part of life for many.

With the ‘Like’ button present in Facebook from many years, the Dislike button is a welcome add-on for many users who would like to dislike any update posted by any friend or any page. We have seen many other sites like Reddit with a Upvote and Downvote buttons which affect the way the post is shown along with its position. But in case of Facebook the Dislike button is similar to the Like button in terms of function.

Facebook dislike button announced by mark zuckerberg

It does not affect the position or attention given to the post but its just a way to show your opinion on the particular post, update, photo or video posted on Facebook. The Dislike button will be particularly useful in case of posts like Death, Calamity or any Bad news, users can press the Dislike button to show their solidarity or dislike to the post and not the Like button which defeats the purpose.

The announcement about the dislike button was made by mark in a live Q&A session at Facebook HQ. Zuckerberg did not give any explanation about the exact use of the button, it is not confirmed if it will be called “dislike”. The demand for the dislike button was growing which started after the introduction of the “like” button back in 2009. The official roll out of the dislike button will be done only after checking how users are taking it. So it is expected that some users will be getting the dislike button before others and will be acting as testers for the official launch.


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