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Tweaks to save data while using your Favorite apps on Android

How much ever you crib about your data being used excessively by apps that you use commonly, you still use them because one cannot stay away from them that easily. And although most of these apps offer a data saver option with their own settings in it, not everyone knows about it and for that reason, even the default browser changes for a few.

4G LTE is faster than the previous data network speeds, and that actually makes you watch more videos, view more pictures and read more content since you don’t always have to wait for things to load. But in the end, more and more data is used and you are being charged for that if you are not on a Wi-Fi connectivity where broadband services offer a good amount of bandwidth.


Here are some of the commonly used apps, and the data saving tweaks.

Google Chrome

I won’t force you to come back to this browser if you are well settled with one of the alternatives, but Google Chrome still is a very decent browser for Android smartphones. It comes as a default browser in most of the Android smartphones and there is a tweak to start saving data on your device using the Chrome browser.

Go to Settings in your Chrome for Android browser, and there, under Advanced, you’ll notice the Data Saver option. Slide the switch to turn it ON. There are some clauses to it – websites with HTTPS will be opened fully and data saving won’t work there, and when using Incognito mode, data saver will not work. But for someone browsing the web normally, the Data Saver feature works quite well.

I’d have also suggested Opera browser but won’t do that because it blocks ads. Blocking ads changes things for a web publisher because ads help maintain the content quality by monetization, and without ads, the scene is different. The user has a choice whether to click on the ad or not, so there is no point in blocking them directly without making it available to the user.


Although Facebook doesn’t change it much, the most common thing you see on your timeline is pictures and then videos. Facebook’s default data saver feature compresses images before they are downloaded and shown to the user.

You won’t be able to save any data if you are watching videos, but at least with images, Facebook is helping you. There’s also a tracker that would give you an idea of how much data has been saved while using this feature. Apart from this, you can also turn off the Auto-playing of videos when using Mobile data. Since you won’t be watching every video on the timeline, there is no need for them to be automatically loading for you.

Want to save even more data? Use Facebook Lite app, which gives you an entirely different social network experience because several things are limited in the app.


Most of us know about this, probably. WhatsApp gives the users an option to choose whether to automatically download all the pictures, videos, audio, and documents when using Mobile data, or to do that only when connected to Wi-Fi.

But now, WhatsApp also has an option that would help save data when using the WhatsApp Call feature frequently.


Here, the YouTube Offline feature comes to the rescue, even though it might not work for every video. YouTube Offline feature helps save the video locally, and the video can be played even when there is no Internet. You could just easily download whatever videos you would like to watch when connected to Wi-Fi.

When there is no Wi-Fi or you are traveling, just open the app and you could easily check the saved videos and watch them whenever you wish. This does not necessarily save the data but helps save it when you wanted to watch some videos and are sure to not be connected to the Wi-Fi all the time.

Of course, there are some browser apps that would compress pages and make the loading faster and also save data but the experience of browsing a website goes bad because of the same.

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