Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plans & Tariff Details, starting from Rs. 500


Jio Fiber is the name of the broadband service that is going to be offered by Reliance in the coming days, and just like how there’s a Jio Welcome Offer right now for the mobile network subscribers to try out the network for a few months, Reliance is planning to offer GigaFiber Welcome Offer where the users will get to test the broadband services before actually opting to pay and use later on.

Unlike how it is with the Jio plans and pricing, the details of the Jio Fiber Broadband service are already known and we are getting to know how much each of the plan will cost and what will be offered in these broadband plans.


Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Speed-based plans

Jio Fiber plansSpeedData usageApp usagePriceValidity
Jio Fiber Plan 150mbps2000GBFreeRs 150030 days
Jio Fiber plan 2100mbps1000GBFreeRs 200030 days
Jio Fiber plan 3200mbps750GBFreeRs 350030 days
Jio Fiber plan 4400mbps500GBFreeRs 400030 days
Jio Fiber plan 5600mbps300GBFreeRs 550030 days

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Volume-based plans

Jio Fiber plansSpeedData usageApp usagePriceValidity
Jio Fiber Plan 6
No Cap5 GB/DayFreeRs 100030 days
Jio Fiber plan 7No Cap10 GB/DayFreeRs 200030 days
Jio Fiber plan 8No Cap20 GB/DayFreeRs 300030 days
Jio Fiber plan 9No Cap40 GB/DayFreeRs 400030 days
Jio Fiber plan 10No Cap60 GB/DayFreeRs 500030 days

Apart from these two, Reliance is also planning to provide some special offers in the initial stages and this will help the company gain more and more users.

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Special Offers

Jio Fiber OffersUsageApp usagePriceValidity
Jio Fiber Offer 1600GB @ 15mbpsFreeRs 50030 days
Jio Fiber Offer 2500GB @ 25mbpsFreeRs 100030 days
Jio Fiber Offer 33.5GB/DayFreeRs 50015 days
Jio Fiber Offer 472 hours @60mbpsFreeRs 50030 days
Jio Fiber Offer 510mbps UnlimitedFreeRs 80030 days
Jio Fiber Offer 61 day UnlimitedFreeRs 4001 day

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