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Ausdom M05 Headphones

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Ausdom, a Shenzhen company has been quite known to produce great-sounding headphones with a combination of sound and design that attracts. The Ausdom M05 are the ones we’ll talk about, in the review below. To introduce them, these are Dual Mode Wireless & Wired headphones from the famous M series which does well with its sturdy build as well.

Talk about the design, the Ausdom M05 comes with carbon-fibre finishes not only on the frame over the head, but even on the over-the-ear area. These don’t look funky in any way, and yet have enough to attract and get some attention from people around. The all-black theme makes it look even better, and the headphones without any wires attached already adds up to the good design, don’t they?

Ausdom M05 Headphones

The ear cups have a rotation of up to 180-degree, i.e. 90-degree each side from the center, so one can easily twist them and slide them in the bag while traveling. I’ve lost count for the number of times I’ve twisted the cups and they don’t seem to get loosened, and they show all signs of being sturdy.

The arms for the cups are quite extendable, and one would see metallic extensions that again, look and feel sturdy enough to handle quick pulls and bends. The earmuffs are large enough to cover the entire ear and create a good seal for isolation, and they have a artificial leather that make it comfortable for long hours.

There are several controls on the ear plus, distributed on both of them. Play/Pause, Next track, Previous track and power button, and the USB charging port, Aux-in port, microphone button are all what you get on the ear cups. Overall, the Ausdom M05 are designed perfectly for not just looks, but even for comfort.

The latest tech 40mm drivers are what produces the sound, and the headphones come with apt-X technology for gaming, and they do sound excellent during gaming, not just with music. There is a possibility of 3D surround sound production while gaming, and thus making these one of the best choices for Bluetooth gaming headsets in this price. There’s a built-in microphone that although doesn’t have any noise cancellation, it still products super voice quality.

Ausdom M05 BandThe Ausdom M05 come with what they call a DWS technology, which incorporates Bluetooth, tuning, and the ear engineering technology, though a user like me who would just decide based on what I hear, this is more of a feature on the list, than something noticeable.

Compatibility is another area where the headphones excel, as the connectivity is possible with Android & iOS devices, tablets, car, gaming consoles, computers and laptops, and all they need is Bluetooth. For the headphones, they have Bluetooth 4.0 with enhanced data rate. The battery lasted for over 8 hours with continuous music, and calls in between, but the claimed usage time is much higher than this, so I might be seeing at a unit with some battery issue. It is a MicroUSB port, so you don’t have to carry any proprietary cable or charger for these, and can use the one you have for your smartphone.

One major advantage with the headphone, is the 3.5mm connector jack, so one can continue enjoying music, only by making them wired, when the battery is down. I’m not very sure about these being gym-friendly since I haven’t ran with them, though the M05 snugly fits on the head, and the arms are hard, so don’t shake much.

Ausdom M05 Headphone Parts

While the Ausdom M05 won’t be an ideal choice for heavy gamers who look for more than just a good audio, these headphones do an excellent job of noise isolation without any special technology being used, thanks to the closed-back design. A small issue is about the sound leak, which might be disturbing at nights when someone is sleeping beside you, and you indulge in gaming.

You will love them for the design, the comfort while using them for hours, and being both wireless and wired at the same time, is an added advantage one has to keep in mind. There are several competitors in this price range, but the Ausdom M05 could be one among the top in them.

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