Leaf wearables first became famous for their smart jewelry that had a safety feature, the SOS button on the Leaf Safer could notify and ask for help in case there was an emergency. The Leaf Safer was an elegantly designed product that looked beautiful and was very much functional at the same time. With the Leaf Ear, the company takes their commitment towards perfection a step further.

The Leaf Ear is the latest product of the company and is available on both Amazon India as well as the company’s website. This new Bluetooth headset from the company also comes with a microphone for taking calls. The Leaf Ear comes with several interesting features that we will discuss below. The design of this device is not very un-conventional and there is more than one other Bluetooth headset in the same price bracket with a very similar design. The Leaf Ear comes with 3 ear tips and a pair of ear locks which are visually similar to the Stay Hear ear-tips present in most of Bose earphones. Considering the fact that there are several other earphones both wired and wireless in the same price range it wouldn’t be easy to finalize on these headsets unless you have the luxury of trying them first.

Leaf Ear Pack

The Leaf Ear Bluetooth Headset comes in four colors now which include Carbon Black, Neon Green, Cool Blue and Grey White and the headsets are very well designed both in terms of aesthetics and comfort quality. The Devil Ear shaped ear tips make sure that the earphones stay in your ears comfortably even if you move a lot or go out on a workout. The earphones ear tips come with an invisible nano coating that protects the earbuds against sweat during a workout. This headset makes is a perfect pair for workouts for the comfort it offers and the retention that it offers, also the Leaf Ear headset is also Sweat and Weather resistant meaning that you can work out all you want without having to worry about the earphones getting damaged by your sweat. The earphones also offer a tangle-free cable which is a good addition considering the fact that the free leather case that comes with the earphones are small and compact which might be easy to carry but equally easy to tangle a regular pair of earphones.

Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphones

Coming to the most important part of the review, the sound quality. This is generally the deciding factor for most of the people while picking up an earphone for regular usage. After about two weeks of usage, we can surely say that the come does live by the claims and the sound quality of these headsets are on par with its competitors, to say the least. The Leaf Ear has got an exceptional bass response which will surely come as a big surprise the moment you put the earphones on. The equalizer band on this headset has been clearly tuned favoring the lows and this might slightly suppress the high frequencies a little bit.

Leaf Ear Earbuds

Leaf Ear Earphones

The voice quality is pretty good, the voice is evidently crisp and noticeable in a well-recorded soundtrack, although the bass of the headset might feel overpowering in some cases, the vocals still stand up to the expectations without being shadowed by the lows. However, the frequencies that might get a little lost in the deep bass are the treble, we could see a significant lack of some of the treble frequencies which our ears might fail to receive. The drivers in these earphones create an impedance of 32 Ohms which is very rare in earphones this size, this might be because of the immense amount of bass that the earphone ends up producing. The drivers in these headsets have a power output of about 2mW each. The advertised frequency response of this device is from 20 to 20kHz which is very much standard in the price range, the drivers offer excellent sensitivity of 101dB and a maximum offset of up to 3dB.

Leaf Ear Buttons

Leaf Ear Volume Buttons

Coming to the connectivity, the device supports Bluetooth connectivity and implements their patented technology for high-quality wireless streaming via Bluetooth without hurting the battery by a lot. The battery on this is a 75mAh battery which has an advertised battery life of 6-8 hours and the claim did live up as we got about 6 hours of playback on full volume. On normal volume, we got about 7.5 hours of audio playback which is fairly impressive considering how compact the earphones are designed to be.

Although we tried the earphones at full volume for the test it is highly recommended not to do the same for extended durations as the earphones are loud enough and have the potential to reduce the listening sensitivity if used in high volumes for extended durations. The battery of the Leaf Ear headset can be charged to 100% in just about 90 minutes. One thing we noticed about the headset is that the volume slightly drops when the battery starts draining which is very much normal in budget Bluetooth headsets.

The company claims the device to outperform the Skullcandy Jib Wireless headset and from our experience, we can certainly say that the device does stand apart from the other budget Bluetooth headsets in the same price range. The only place where the device fell short was the high frequencies. If you are looking for a budget Bluetooth headset and love booming bass then this might be one of the best options.


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