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Safer aims at women safety in India, with a beautiful jewellery

India has been independent since 1947; it’s been 68 years, and we have seen a lot of ups and downs. The country noticed a lot of advancement and development in these 68 years. But in 2015, even after 68 years of independence, we still don’t have a safe environment for women. Females are advised to not to remain outside if it is dark, they are asked to have a companion with them while going outside just to protect them. We are in the 21st century, and the women are still not safe! Is this how our freedom fighters who lost their lives imagined the future? NO.

Even after so many technological advancements, we don’t have a proper technology that can protect women, though that isn’t the only thing to be blamed. We’re still seeing some people working on things that might help in a way or other. That is where Safer comes in action. Safer is a jewellery pendant that acts as a safety device.

Leaf Safer 7

Safer, as the name suggests, makes women feel a lot safer. Safer is a pendant that has a clickable button, which can be used for various purposes. The main among the various purposes is; safety.

With Safer, you can press the pendant twice, and that will send a signal to the ones who care about you. Those people will immediately get to know that you are in danger and will help them to get you out of hat bad situation.

That’s not the end; you can even use Safer while you are traveling. The user can set the beginning, and the destination of the journey, and the guardian can easily monitor the journey. The best part is that you can easily use your smartphone in the journey, there is no restriction!

Coming to another feature, Safer provides you is the Selfie feature. All you need to do to click a selfie is to open the camera on your smartphone and then adjust the frame for the perfect pose. Once done, all you need to do is to click Safer once. And there you have your perfect selfie!

Another good thing in Safer is the notifications. Safer gently vibrates when you receive an important notification on your smartphone. You can even choose what applications it vibrates.

That’s what all this little pendant carries with it. Safer is a thing that can help a lot of people especially in the time of an emergency. Safer is a clever piece of technology which may often look as if you are just clutching your pendant in the time of emergency, but you are sending the SOS signal to your guardian.

Safer is nifty accessory for those who:

  • Need travel long distances alone.
  • Come home late
  • Often pass through deserted roads

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It may even happen that you might not be able to reach your phone in case of emergency, and that is when Safer will be the most useful for you! It can even help you in situations when someone forcefully takes your mobile phone or you can’t reach for help because of some security issues on our smartphone.

Safer is currently available as a campaign on, although funding for this project as of now has ended. Safer has also been delivered to few of the backers as of now. Safer not only aims to make a person feel safer, it even aims to add a stylish and fashionable punch to your attires.

Safer is developed by Team Leaf, which has won a lot of awards for this project. We’ll soon be coming up with a review and explain how this works.

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