Shock Clock is the wearable that will wake you up for sure

Waking up in the morning is one of the tasks that most of us find really difficult, especially if you have to wake up early. There have been many types of...
OPTO VR Headset Colors

OPTO is an Ultra Lightweight VR Headset with Built-in Speakers

There is a vast VR world out there which is still in lots of making. VR content is growing and expanding beyond just games, with documentaries, music videos, Netflix, movies and...
Ottm Wood Band for Moto 360

Ottm is the hardwood alternative for your Smartwatch strap

Have you ever got a thought to change those straps of your Apple, Android, and Pebble Smart watches? Some have scuffs on their straps, a thing you wouldn't like after paying...
Intex Fitrist Band

Intex FitRist Band is a fitness band with OLED display, Notifications for Rs. 999

While Xiaomi and Yu Televentures had their cheapest fitness bands for the price of Rs. 999, the former's Mi Band came in with no display, and the Yu YuFit didn't do...
Leaf Safer 7

Safer aims at women safety in India, with a beautiful jewellery

India has been independent since 1947; it's been 68 years, and we have seen a lot of ups and downs. The country noticed a lot of advancement and development in these...
Omron Project Zero

Omron Project Zero is the first watch to have a Blood Pressure Monitor

Smart watches, smart fitness bands and several other wearables have come with a heart rate monitor, most of which work quite accurately and show the correct heart rate. But a sphygmomanometer,...
Garmin Forerunner watches

Garmin releases three watches, including world’s most advanced running watch

After recently releasing its Forerunner 225 smart watch, Garmin has just introduced three new sports watches, with the focus being on its heart rate sensor, a new one called "Garmin Elevate",...
Misfit Shine 2

Misfit Shine 2 Fitness and Sleep Monitor announced at $99.99

Misfit has announced their latest fitness and sleep tracker, the Shine 2 which looks and feels like its predecessor the Shine which was first launched in 2012. The Misfit two although...
Polar A360

Polar A360 is a fitness band with heart rate monitor for $199

Heart rate monitors are present in the tech industry for a good amount of time but that doesn't means they have lost popularity, instead it is becoming a must have feature...
Blocks smartwatch parts

Blocks is for smartwatches, what Project Ara is for phones

Most of you might remember Project Ara, the modular phone which was to be built by Google. It created a lot of buzz throughout the tech industry but sadly it has...
Garmin Forerunner 225

Garmin Forerunner 255 fitness watch launched in India for Rs. 26,500

Garmin, the big player of satellite navigation is back in the Indian market with a new fitness watch called Forerunner 225. Although this watch has already been launched in the other...
Huawei Honor Band Z1

Huawei Honor Band Z1 fitness tracker launched for Rs. 5499

Huawei along with the Honor 7 has introduced its first smart band called Honor Band Z1 in India, which was launched back in July with the name Honor Zero. For a...

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