Smart watches, smart fitness bands and several other wearables have come with a heart rate monitor, most of which work quite accurately and show the correct heart rate. But a sphygmomanometer, i.e. a monitor of blood pressure is not easy to have in a size that can sit on your wrist. Omron, a company that works on medical accessories, has given it a try, and their wearable band packs a blood pressure monitor.

Named as Omron Project Zero, this watch shows your blood pressure at the exact time, and this is a seriously good step in the medical industry, since having a high or low blood pressure isn’t something one would want to ignore if noticed.

Omron Project Zero

Commonly, a sphygmomanometer is used near the upper arm, and that is where doctors find it accurate to find out the blood pressure. According to Omron, what they have made is for the wrist, and the accuracy is maintained. With this, you aren’t going to solve something, but you better be ready to visit the doctor when you notice some higher or lower levels of blood pressure.

The good thing to know about Project Zero is that you don’t need to wear it only for monitoring blood pressure, as it also tracks physical activity as well as sleep quality. The Omron Connect app for Android and iOS would wirelessly sync all the information, and it can be then shown to your physician on a regular basis.

“If” the Omron Project Zero gets its certification after FDA-testing, it will be an excellent replacement to the handcuffs that are not easy to carry around for visiting doctors and even in the hospitals. It isn’t the best at looks, but it certainly can do more than what a usual fitness tracker would do.

The pricing and availability are not known because Omron is yet to get a certification for Project Zero, but if it gets certified, we are sure that it might be priced higher than most of the trackers and monitors out there, certainly for what it is capable of doing.

The Project Zero from Omron is being showcased at the CES 2016 event, and it won’t be available in the market anytime soon.

Source: Gizmodo


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