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Blocks smartwatch parts

Blocks is for smartwatches, what Project Ara is for phones

Most of you might remember Project Ara, the modular phone which was to be built by Google. It created a lot of buzz throughout the tech industry but sadly it has been delayed till 2016. Now we have something similar to it on kickstarter and this time it is not a modular smartphone, instead it is a modular smartwatch!

Blocks, is the world’s first ever modular smartwatch which allows you to choose whatever you want in your smartwatch. This means that you can have a fully personalized smartwatch and just take what you want instead of what company wants you to have.

Blocks smartwatch parts

The smartwatch is made up of two things; core and modules. Core is the main watch-face which comes with all the basic things that a smartwatch requires whereas modules are addons in the shape of a wrist band which can be used to add more and more features to the smartwatch. You have a variety of smartwatches to choose from, this includes extra battery, GSM module, NFC, Fingerprint module and a lot more.

The smartwatch is compatible with Android as well as iOS making it one of those versatile watches in the market.

Blocks smartwatch features

If you are interested in getting this smartwatch then you can head to kickstarter and back this project! So go ahead and grab one before it’s sold out.

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