Trojan named Ghost Push in the Play Store affects 900000 devices

    Beware! A new trojan has been detected on Play Stores named Ghost Push and it is as terrible as its name. What’s even worse? Indians are the ones who have been effected the most due to this trojan.

    According to reports, more than 900,000 Android device spread in more than 116 countries have been affected with this trojan. Ghost Push attaches itself to popular apps which are downloaded from Play Store. Once you download the infected app, the trojan stats its works and gains the root access of your device. Then the trojan starts displaying ads on your device and since it gets the root access of your device it is really difficult to remove it. Moreover, a lot of standard anti-viruses are not even able to detect it.

    Android Trojan

    The worst part of this whole scenario is that the trojan was able to sneak through the security of Google Play Store and attached itself to various apps. As of now according to Google Play Store, all the apps which were infected by this trojan have been taken down and more strict measures are being taken to prevent something like this happening in future.

    Since standard mobile anti-viruses are not able to detect this and even if they detect the trojan then they are not completely able to remove it. To help you remove the Trojan, Cheetah Mobile has developed a special app called Ghost Push Trojan App that can help you remove the virus and the app can be downloaded from Play Store.


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