Reliance Jio database leaked, SIM owner details available online

    Database hacks and data leaks are now becoming a common occurrence but when one of the large organizations that is on its high pace of growth happens to be on the receiving end, it shows the lack of proper security measure. Reliance Jio’s details seems to have hacked and the information of the SIM customers is available online and a simple phone number search is giving you the information and thankfully not the Aadhaar card number.

    The information of the SIM is being hosted on and if you enter the phone number (Jio number), it shows the following details.

    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • mobile Number
    • Email-Id
    • circle-Id
    • SIM Activation Date and Time
    • aadhaarNumber

    In most of the numbers that we searched, the Aadhaar number was not available, but everything else was given, which means anyone can get hold of your name, Email address, and also know which circle the SIM is from.

    Update: We just got contacted by one of our readers who claimed that he could also get the Aadhaar card number for the number he searched.

    Initially, we found ourselves lucky to not find any information for the number we entered, but a few refreshes gave it away and all the details were available. Also, entering the number means only the 10-digit phone number without any code before it. While we know that this news might lead to more people searching for the information, it is bad to see that the company couldn’t keep their servers secure enough and the information got into the hands of hackers.

    This wasn’t a case with any of the network operators earlier and with Jio being the new entrant and already showing the lapses of security, it would take away the trust people had on it. We hope Reliance Jio comes up with an explanation for this and help control the damage done by getting the information off the web before it gets into the wrong hands.

    Do you think Jio should have had a better security of the data?

    Update: Jio’s team has contacted is with a response.

    We have come across the unverified and unsubstantiated claims of the website and are investigating it. Prima facie, the data appears to be unauthentic. We want to assure our subscribers that their data is safe and maintained with highest security. Data is only shared with authorities as per their requirement. We have informed law enforcement agencies about the claims of the website and will follow through to ensure strict action is taken.
    – Jio Spokesperson

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